About Kelle Sparta

Kelle Sparta, Thought Alchemist, Shaman, Coach

No Really – Who IS This Woman?!!?

There are so many ways to answer that question.  I could say that I’m a:

  • Daring Adventurer and Cosmic “YES!” Girl
  • Shaman, Healer, Psychic, Channel, and Medium
  • Life-Long Entrepreneur with many different types of businesses under my belt
  • Hard-core spiritual seeker who has many times over given up everything in pursuit of my spiritual growth
  • Connector, community builder, and networker
  • Master Manifester – using the Law of Attraction to create my reality
  • Singer/songwriter, poet, and writer.


“How Long Have You Been Doing This?”

Life and Spiritual Coaching – This is a question I get asked a lot.  And the answer is “it depends”.  If you’re asking me how long I’ve been a coach and mentor, I can honestly say that I’ve been doing that my entire life.  Some of the signatures in my high school year book read like my client testimonials today.  If you’re asking me how long I’ve been charging for my services as a coach, well then I’ve been doing that since 1999.  If you’re asking me how long I’ve been a medium and a channel, well, I’m not sure.  My mother says that I was talking to ghosts from my crib.  My first conscious experience of channeling  (where I recognized what I was doing) was in 1998.  I’ve been doing self-hypnosis since I was 10, reading tarot cards since I was 12 and developing my psychic skills for as long as I can remember.

Training and Educational Design – I have been certified as a trainer in many different programs over the years.  I have a background in theater and improvisation as well which allows me to blend entertainment, information, and transformation in my programs.  I started my study of educational design helping my mother (who had a degree in teaching) lay out and design  “learn as you go” books when I was 12.  Since then, I’ve studied educational design, learning styles, and pacing.  I can create programs that work, are fun, and allow people to dive deep very quickly.

Retreats – I’ve been working on retreat teams since 2003.  I’ve designed and run retreats from simple one-day events, to weekend workshops, to multi-day transformational events.  I’ve also interviewed many retreat leaders over the years about what works and what doesn’t and why.  I’m a font of information about running spiritual and personal growth related retreats.

What About Your Personal Work?

I’ve been studying personal growth and development, doing self-help courses, working on developing my psychic skills, and generally making a study of people and what makes them tick since I was a child.  My mother raised me in the New Age movement and I continued my studies through high school.  In college and for the years of my marriage which followed immediately after college, I set aside my studies – not on purpose, it’s just that other things got in the way.

In 1998 I woke up and realized that I had built a life based on the American Dream and I had done it well – husband, dog, big house, two cars, business owner, volunteer for a good cause, pillar of the community – and I hated my life.  It never occurred to me to ask myself when I was building them whether those were things I actually wanted.  I started my Reiki Master Teacher training as well as a 9-month shiatsu program and began attending a Spiritualist Church – all in an effort to step back into my spiritual self that had gotten left behind in my drive to find financial and social success.  Soon after, I started to question everything in my life.  Eventually, I divorced my husband, sold the house and the business, and moved out of state to figure out what I wanted out of life.  I moved into a community house with other spiritual seekers and spent the next four years really working on myself.

By 2002, I was clear about what I didn’t want and was working on who I was.  It was at this time that Grandmother Spider reached out to claim me and I began the process of learning about shamanism.  The home and people I had relied on for support was disbanding and everyone was going their separate ways – many moving out of state.  I thought that I might be moving too when I felt called to quit the part-time job I had picked up after selling my retail store and give away everything I owned.  It would be another month before I realized that I wasn’t moving, I was on walkabout.  That journey took me over 14,000 miles and a little under a year from the time I moved out until I had a home again.  During that journey, I studied with many different shamans from varying traditions and paths.

In 2003, I started the process of de-armoring that would eventually result in me finding self love and self acceptance at a level I had not even dreamed of before I started.  I have been walking that path and the path of finding the softer, more feminine side of myself ever since.

Today, I am still working my issues, walking my talk, and walking into the fire when necessary – although I’m finding ways that aren’t nearly so painful as well.  I am a work in progress – as are we all.