Kelle Sparta Testimonials

One-On-One Work

Oceana LeBlancKelle is more than a coach, more than a leader, more than a teacher. She does something that is brilliant beyond explanation… She’s bright, deeply intuitive, intensely capable, and genius…she will peer into your soul, grasp the core of your passion with the utmost grace, and hold you like a mother while you watch with awe as she dusts it off and polishes it into the magnificent masterpiece you always suspected it was but were afraid to believe. Kelle believes you into success. If she is near you and has her arms out, go for the full embrace. You will be forever grateful that you did” – Oceana LeBlanc
 “This was the first time I experienced a Shamanic Sound and Energy Healing Circle. Kelle was amazing; she’s the real deal. I felt my energy shift in a positive direction and my heart chakra feels more open than it has in a long, long time. Thank you Kelle and group!” – Nancy S.
 Carol Elsip“Hi Kelle – I just wanted to stop by and say Thank You so much for the reading you gave me yesterday. It was very relevant at this moment in time, with much food for thought.. but most importantly I came out of it feeling a new sense of understanding and purpose. It’s been a number of years since I had any kind of reading – to be honest I’d lost faith there – but something drew me to your advertisement – and I’m so glad I acted on that compulsion now. You certainly have a gift!” – Carol Elsip
Hodari Fenderson“I have talked to many councilors, therapists, studied, read self-help books, etc.;  but it is rare and refreshing to talk to someone like Kelle. She has the unique ability to be honest, thoughtful, intelligent and actually help .She tells you the truth and it is the truth on a deep personal level and at the same time practical level.  A truth that relates  directly to you.  After talking to her a while you take a deep breath and say “yes, that is it”. She isn’t full of shit, I think that is the best way to put it. Do yourself a favor and talk to her for a while. “-  Hodari Fenderson
Jaylin Allen“Kelle is indeed a knowledgeable, sharp coach as is evident the moment you speak with her.What I appreciate more though, is her ability to tune into me directly and help me express myself in a way that helps me develop both personally and professionally.I have worked with Kelle over the past several months. Kelle has her hands full with me as I came to her as raw material.Each session, it was evident that she was giving me her undivided attention and guiding me to places that she knew I needed to get to. I am grateful for her intuitiveness as I didn’t know where I needed to go much less how to get there.Kelle has always shown me patience and explained to me why she gives me the assignments she does and how they are going to help me. Again, right away, she knew I was a person who needed this kind of explanation. I have developed a great deal since we started working together, and she is kind to recognize me for that. I look forward to future growth and development with her guidance.” – Jaylin Allen
Tina WatersI have to tell you how amazing i have felt since Friday night. Its hard to put it into words. Im not “all better”. But i feel different. I feel energized, full of hope, determination. Ive been on a spiritual journey for a short time. But meeting you…and what you did…it just deeply resonated in me. So much more i could say. ” – Tina Waters
 Karin Kitelyabundance in my life shifted dramatically the VERY DAY after we spoke….radically...even as I feel I’m taking baby steps towards change from what I gained through our phone meeting!” ~ Karin Kitely
 Dan Zukergood30 minutes with you, Kelle, is the same as spending an entire weekend at The Forum! You’re so insightful, you get right to the heart of the matter.” – Dan Zukergood
 Brooke NI have to say..I have never had a reading done as well as the one Kelle gave me. She was completely right on every point she said and understood exactly where and why I am the way I am. I would say anyone getting a reading from her or working with her is extremely lucky. She is so full of love and support and isn’t afraid of giving a good swift kick when it is need but it is done with such love. An an amazing woman with an amazing heart. I am blessed and very grateful to have met her.” – Brooke N.
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“When asked to describe Kelle Sparta as a personal growth guide the first thing that comes to mind is that Kelle is a rock. Do I mean Kelle is dependable? Yes, but much more than that. Kelle is the sturdy rock where you can build the foundation of your new life plan. She is the strong rock where you can smash your old habits, that no longer serve you (if they ever did at all). She is the sheltering rock where you can seek refuge from your crippling fears that keep you from moving forward. She is the comforting rock where you can bask in warmth in the sun of your successes. And when it is time for you to move on, she is the steadfast rock—like a mountain that will always be there when you need her.” – Samantha Deans
Lisa Marie SelowWorking with Kelle rocks! I had too many a-ha moments to even count. The most amazing gift I received was being reminded about what really matters, the underpinning of my world, which will help me make my passions a priority in my daily life. Kelle is not just a coach, but a powerfully loving and fully present healer that helps you to really transform, making lasting changes in your life.– Lisa Marie Selow
Carolyn Kepes“I’m ready for my time in the “Sparta-sphere, it’s where I come to level-up!”  I came to my appointment w/Kelle one morning, early in our time of working together, and this was the first thing that came enthusiastically out if my mouth. We had only been working together for a few weeks, yet there were significant shifts I was experiencing in my perspective & approach to my vision for my work.I highly recommend working with Kelle, she will help you to see how to play-up your strengths, she will firmly & clearly point out anything that could use your attention – and all of this is done with a delightful sense of humor and kindness.Don’t wait, be sure to get your chance to experience the amazing things that can happen for you with Kelle in the “Sparta-sphere”.  ~ Carolyn Kepes, Founder of In the Lap of the Goddess Productions
 Susan Pharis“Hello Kelle, I am still integrating and reflecting on the information you gave me during my most amazing scan. Your sense of humor, your insights and your sweet ways was everything I needed to be able to really hear the deep information you were sharing about my energy fields and the issues there. Everything you said resonated, and I could see exactly what you meant because you were so clear at the same time you were so compassionate in how you spoke with me that there was a shift right after we spoke. I’ll definately want to follow up with you in a few weeks to have you assess my progress and to help me clarify a few goals and milestones in my self healing process.. Letting go is a big priority as is integrating those wonderful energies that have been just waiting for me to accept… Bright blessings, lots of love and laughter, Susan Pharis
Dan Hanneman“Kelle is a very powerful presence that allows your deepest wounds to emerge and be released. Her shamanic work is AMAZING and truly a precious gift. I know that her work has shifted me in ways that I have experienced with no one else. If you want to experience a BIG SHIFT of your deepest wounds, I strongly recommend that you work with her.” – Dan Hanneman “The BlockBuster”, Master Healer & Intuitive Business Coach,
Millie GormellyI first started working with Kelle after having taken a class with her. I was dealing with trying to banish self-doubt and negative tapes in my head as well as looking at how to establish self-love in my life.When I was thinking about making the year-long investment in coaching sessions, it seemed like such a big investment to make in myself. After all, there wasn’t really a hard and fast deliverable at the end – just a promise of feeling better about life and myself and letting go of some of the stories I had been holding onto. How do you set a value on that? But I was in a place where I knew I needed to make a change, and I had already gotten a lot of value out of the class I took with her, so I took the plunge and signed up.Now it’s a year later and I can see exactly what that time and money bought me and it’s worth so much more than I spent! Through a series of perspective shifts or what she calls “Thought Alchemy”, Kelle helped me to peel away the inner dialog that kept me bogged down. And it wasn’t even really hard! Usually the hardest part was just wrapping my brain around the new way of thinking about things. And doing that instantly changed my experience of myself, my family, and the world around me.With those voices gone, I am now able to see myself so much more clearly. I’m able to let go of things that once drained my energy. I am more relaxed, at ease, and at peace with myself and my life than I can ever remember being.If you’re thinking about working with Kelle and you’re worried about spending this kind of money on yourself, think of it this way. You could spend the money on a vacation or paying down bills, or you could spend it making your life better every day for the rest of your life. Seems like a no-brainer to me. – Millie Gormelly
 Robyn Mellish“Sometimes someone says something that can completely change the way you view things. That gives you so much food for thought that it almost stops you in your tracks. Kelle Sparta Thank you. You have tipped my world on its axis but in the way that I needed. Do I have work to do to melt down the tape that runs in my head? Yes but you have gifted me with a powerful tool to work with. Already I can feel the shifts in the depths that will flow upward into all things. Can’t wait to see what comes out!” – Robyn Mellish
 Debra Nardi EvansMy energy scan was “right on”! A curled up butterfly with wet wings ready to fly!….I feel like I am finally ready to discover my fullest potential and my authentic self! Thank you for recognizing where I am and where I want to be! I am now opening up to the energy within!” – Debra Nardi Evans
Peter Bzdula“I just wanted to say thank you. I still use stuff you taught me more than ten years ago today. Most of the time do not realize i am even doing, until some one comes along and says some thing like man you can manifest almost anything you want huh. I can not thank you enough!!” – Peter Bzdula
Rayellen KishbachIt is so easy for me to recommend Kelle’s healing services! I’ve had multiple healing sessions with Kelle, but before I go on, you should know that I was a skeptic – not believing any of this “energy” stuff, but believing that Kelle is a smart woman with lots of great life experience and good ideas.So I took a leap of faith, and am so glad I did, and I’m happy to share what I’ve experienced. I now know Kelle to be a very powerful healer. She has an intuition about what is really going on (listening beyond my story) and an honest intention to provide a healing solution. But she is so SAFE about it. She creates what feels like an air-tight container, doesn’t push, holds her understanding of the truth until I am ready to hear it.  I also really appreciate her ability to explain the process in non “flowery” language that is accessible to a “non-believer” like me. Working with her has been an amazing opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone in such a gingerly and careful way.What I never expected from this process was developing such a strong sense and connection to my own healing energy, and that is the best gift she’s given me.  Ironically, that means that Kelle has, for the time being, kind of worked her way out of a job with me.You see, she helped me over one of my biggest operational obstacles, and taught me a new way of thinking about how to be in the world, and now I’m so thoroughly enjoying that new place that I’ve been able to take a break from needing her help. But she has skills that the world absolutely should be receiving, so I strongly urge you to see what happens when you let her into your life!” – Rayellen Kishbach
 Mary LeueDear Kelle, I very much appreciated being “seen” by you so delicately, yet so vividly, so accurately, so insightfully! I think the remainder of my time on earth is going to be a little more active, more self-affirming, more rewarding than I had thought before your assessment and teaching! Love, Mary Leue
Susan Angelo“Kelle’s healing abilities are gentle and so straightforward. When I want to hear the truth and clarity around my actions, I talk to Kelle. When my body needs nurturing and balance , I talk to Kelle. Kelle holds this amazing space of safety and groundness that allows for me to do deep and transformational work. This allows for my growth which allows me to do my work. Thanks Kelle” – Susan Angelo
Noah McIntyre“As a shaman and energy healer, Kelle helped me heal emotional wounds I had been holding onto for most of my 30 years. As a 7 year old, I decided it was bad to have a belly since my best friend was skinny. I had been holding on to that self hatred until Kelle’s energy work and sound healing techniques helped me let it go in under two hours of working with her.Kelle helped me fall in love with myself, my body and my own sense of sensuality. The next day I found myself so overjoyed as I called her walking down the street in the sunshine and I loudly boomed into the phone, “Kelle! I love my belly again for the first time in 23 years! Thank you thank you thank you.” As someone who has been blessed to study with shamans and spiritual masters my whole life, I highly recommend Kelle to all my relations!” – Noah McIntyre
 Clover Morell Testimonial“Kelle’s energy scan was amazing. Somehow, she was able to conduct a reading over the phone with extreme accuracy. She gave me valuable insight into some of my behaviors and offered me advice on how to make changes to let more love into my life. It was an awesome experience! xo” – Clover Morell
Brynn BishopKelle, You are, among other things, the initiator of women to the Priestess Sisterhood. You vanquish the demons of old and call forth women of magic into their full power.” – Brynn Bishop
Stephen LabudaKelle has the ability to reach inside of a person and make them focus on their future, avoid today’s distractions and achieve things during each step of the process.– Stephen Labuda
 Marilyn Wright“I just had an energy scan with Kelle! It was a thorough reading with many insights that I didn’t know and some I knew but wasn’t able to speak. She gave me a few tools and a few gifts to not only get myself back on track but to live a bigger, better, brighter authentic existence! Please check out her page, like it so that you receive her posts you will not regret it! Thanks Again Kelle!!” – Marilyn Wright
Diva Mama Tonya“When Kelle and I first connected by phone, I fell in love with her spirit. There is such a nurturing quality about her that is warm and fun, a true Spiritual Midwife! She is an amazing woman who will assist you in transforming the way you think about your work and how to better express your purpose. And she does this with such grace and ease…. Thank you Kelle for your magnificence!” – Tonya K. Freeman
Shayna Hesselgrave“I can’t thank you enough, Kelle!  Your ability to listen deeply, humbly, and respectfully to my life experiences was such a blessing.  I appreciated your ability to see deeply into my chaos and pull out connections and meaning that I hadn’t seen, but seemed so right when you pointed them out.  You helped me understand what happened and how to move forward.  I highly recommend anyone who wants clarity to see you for life coaching.” – Shayna Hesselgrave
Caroline Cranton“I have been working with Kelle for a while now and she really has helped me break through a lot of personal barriers and work on being more satisfied and happy with my life.  At first I rolled my eyes at the notion that I could live life the way I wanted to, but I am (slowly) learning that she is right.”  – Caroline Cranton
Jenna Forster“In my first session with Kelle she was able to cut right through to what really mattered. I have worked with a lot of coaches and Kelle is top notch. If you are looking for an authentic conversation with real, tangible outcomes, then Kelle is the coach for you.”– Jenna ForsterAnd”What an honor to spend a Private Day with Kelle! We dove right in and created things that I have been trying to work through for years. I highly recommend making the Private Day commitment, you’ll never look back! My hat goes off to you Kelle” – Jenna Forster

“Kelle knows how to ask the right questions to get you to uncover your stuck places.  While she offers practical solutions, she powers your transformation with moving rituals that mark the moment of change.  I have been challenged by her questions, uncovering places of resistance I didn’t know existed in me.  But the most important thing is that the changes I have made are solid.” – Kristy Wacek

“I wanted to thank you for helping me to find that playful Goddess inside of me again. She has been hidden for a long time.” – Bonnie Savageau


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Opeyemi Parham TestimonialI was blown away by how much information I was able to take in, in a three day program…  I was able to take some powerful steps in getting out of my own way on patterns of self-sabotage… Kelle and Kathy have a unique program that can work wonders for… people (like me) who find themselves unable to get unstuck. Thank you both!”- Opeyemi Parham

Jon Fischer Testimonial

 Wow…….I am still sitting with and moved very deeply from Kelle Sparta’s [and Kathy Scheiern’s] workshop over the weekend. It was outstanding. She and her leadership and training skill and presentation skills, and what she had to deliver,  were EXQUISITE…only word that could match it.  ...Practical, personal, spiritual and emotional tools and guidance to make it all work. really.  (spiritual in a pretty broad sense of the word) I got profound stuff from it on a deep personal level.  I had some awareness and shifts that seem life changing. I am reeling from it… Wow….. Holy crap…amazing…..” – Jon Fischer
 Tonia Pinheiro Testimonial “23 hours over 3 days.  Got balanced offerings: mental, emotional, spiritual, practical.  Kind of felt like first visit to DisneyWorld – so much wonder, sensory overload, days later is becomes clear how much beauty, wonder, was received.  Love the authenticity, skill, humor, ability to hold diverse people and energies, openness, knowledge.  Rich in content & modeling.”- Tonia Pinheiro, Wake Up! Artist
 Brynn Bishop Testimonial “I came to this event because it was exactly what I needed and it far exceeded my expectations!!!  I couldn’t imagine beforehand that you could cover all this content without it being overwhelming, and yet you did!  The energetics you brought to the process made all the difference.  PERFECT!  I would absolutely recommend this program to others.. “- Brynn Bishop, Conscious Intimacy
 Sandy Batts “I am back from one of the Most Amazing workshops I’ve EVER been to… presented by Kathy Scheiern and Kelle Sparta. Whew… I’m still integrating all the life-changing information, shifts and gifts that I opened myself up to RECEIVE from the Universe! CRAZY!! And now I am able to better serve my community as a Transformation Facilitator. “Thank you’s” don’t EVEN begin to express my gratitude to these two women and the Universe for aligning in such a way that allowed me to attend. Out of all that I received this weekend, what hit home the most was that I am Welcomed, I am Wanted and that I am Important! All the things I have told many of my clients over the years. I am happy to report that I GET IT!! More to follow as integration continues… Coming to understand more and more what our unique gifts are, that we were put on this earth to offer up to assist in our personal healing and thusly the healing of our planet!” – Sandy Batts, Transformation Facilitator
 Mina Gibb “I was really impressed by how well Kelle and Kathy held the sacred space for all of the participants, supporting each person in her/his unfolding. I was also very impressed by the vast array of their skills. I experienced a pivotal shift in myself that is having a profound influence on my life... Many thanks to Kelle and Kathy for creating the opportunity, and particularly to Kelle for the perfect nudge in the right direction.” – Mina Gibb, Watertown, MA.
 Jason McNatt “I came into this space initially confused with my passion and have truly, for the first time in my life, met individuals that have given me such personal core foundation insights (built by my own inner clarity of my own innate ability as my own). They have given me a method to bring into the physical my ability that can impact our lives. The content was right on the mark to what I was looking for to push me to that edge of the envelope to open myself to my inner passion that I lost long ago. Anyone stuck in a rut will find themselves soon enough out of the rut and looking down onto their experience as a personal path to their mission.” – Jason McNatt, Energy Sculptor
 Sarah Taub “Met and exceeded my expectations! I got a whole new paradigm… plus concrete steps for moving forward.” – Sarah Taub, Conflict Resolution Consultant and Organizer of Network for a New Culture East
 Tiffeny Wandler Testimonial “Kelle and Kathy are extraordinary spiritual leaders.  What I received over the 3 days far exceeded my expectations.  They can take you to the places you need to go no matter how scary or painful then walk you through with love, grace and acceptance.  They lead you to a better place than where you started and a better understanding of who are in the world and where you are going.  They create an environment of safety which allows for and promotes the growth and perspective shifting necessary to move forward in all areas of your life.”- Tiffeny Wandler
 LaToiya LaVita Shaw Testimonial “This experience helped me step into the personal authenticity that I already knew I needed to live in order to create the life… I know I can have/create.”- LaToiya LaVita Shaw
 Roxanne Mousseau TestimonialLearned SO much about myself It was awesome. It’s life changing.”- Roxanne Mousseau – Divine Feminine Alchemist at Joy Rising
 Xing Hu “Yesterday, I had a reunion with participants of the workshop that I attended.  I felt strong love and connections with my fellow participants. Two weeks after my workshop, the bond and connections remained strong. Building a community might not be on your top priority list when you choose to come to the workshop, but the fact of a strong community born out of the workshop testifies to the energy work and transformative impact of the workshop.  If you know what you want to do, certainly come to the workshop. You will learn some magical and energetic approaches for your strategizing and gain important insights of yourself, and get bound with a hard found community of like-minded healers and believers. If you do not know what you want to do, the workshop is your best first step… Considering it a therapeutic, transformative retreat to help you unlock and unstuck.  I recall that three days after the workshop, I was still reeling in the energy and joy from the workshop.” – Xing Hu
 Julie Woods “Just came back from one of the most extraordinary seminars I’ve ever attended with Kelle Sparta and Kathy Scheiern. OMFG! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO far above and beyond ANYTHING I could have imagined!!! Healing. Empowering. Terrifying, clearingly AWESOME. CHANGED MY LIFE — no shit. Let me simply say that, if you EVER get a chance to attend ANYTHING presented by EITHER of these women, RUN TOWARD IT like it’s a walled city and you’re being chased by zombies on turbo-charged motorcycles!!!They have created a nurturing, no bullshit, no fluff, wisdom-filled… cauldron of awakening. Let me point out that this is pharmaceutical-grade spiritual tough love medicine and it is NOT for tire kickers, hecklers, the faint of heart, or anyone who doesn’t believe in opening up to passion in their purpose.  You just have to be willing to AUTHENTICALLY show up and the medicine will work.Gonna stop gushing. It’s simple: if you want to both succeed AND *enjoy* your success, check out their work. It’s not a panacea — just a chest full of powerful medicine tools.” – Julie Woods, The Urban Shaman
 Lydia Watts
“After watching my video testimonial, some people have asked what was the tangible result I experienced of attending the Shamanic Amplification workshop. So here goes… Kelle and Kathy were brilliant and leading me toward the ability to articulate something that I have known for some time, but could not express in words – that I have had a tough time in intimate relationships. As a result of the weekend with them, not only was I able to articulate the problem much more clearly, but I had a deeper understanding of why and what I could do to shift that dynamic. As a result of the work with Kelle and Kathy over that weekend – and beyond to integrate what I had learned – I feel much more confident and happy in my ability to connect with intimate partners and express my needs well. I cannot thank Kelle and Kathy enough!” – Lydia Watts

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