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Arlington, VA

December 13-15, 2013


Break Through The Blocks to Owning ALL of Your Power


If you’re like many spiritual practitioners, you’re looking for the path to your life’s purpose – your mission on the planet.  And even if you’ve found that mission, then it’s about then it’s about standing fully in that mission – in your full power – so that you can really bring it to fruition.  But there are blocks that hold you back, things that make you think smaller, feel scared, limit yourself in all sorts of ways – physical, energetic, emotional, and spiritual.  Most often, those feelings result in hiding your power in some way – keeping yourself from being too visible.  But even for those who manage to push through the fear of visibility, they may still have a lingering fear that they will be seen as being a fraud.  This too is a limiting belief.


Opeyemi Parham Testimonial I was blown away by how much information I was able to take in, in a three day program. I am feeling that I have clarity on WHAT I want to be selling, who I want to sell to, and WHY. I was able to take some powerful steps in getting out of my own way on patterns of self-sabotage in business settings. Kelle and Kathy have a unique program that can work wonders for spiritually rich, financially impoverished creative people (like me) who find themselves unable to get unstuck. Thank you both!”- Opeyemi Parham


Evolution Is Key To Lasting Success

You’ve worked really hard on yourself so far and you’ve hit the top of what you can accomplish before stepping into your mission.  But taking on that mission brings a whole new layer of work to be done.  And it has to be done quickly if you hope to not hamstring your mission with your personal issues.  There are phases that we go through in our spiritual evolution.spiritual evolution road sign illustration design

  1. Discovery – “Wow, does this stuff really work?  How cool would it be if it did.”
  2. Proof and Proselytizing – “OMG this stuff really does work!  I must read everything I can get my hands on, take every class I can possibly manage and tell everyone I know (so they can help me believe what I’m seeing)!”  (Introverts usually skip the proselytizing.)
  3. Teaching to Learn – “Let me teach you what I’ve learned about this – it will help me go deeper and give you some really valuable info.”  (Again, introverts often skip this stage.)
  4. Retreat for Personal Practice/Study – “No, I’m not teaching anyone right now – I’m doing my own research.”  In this phase, we are asked to look into our shadow selves and begin the work of clearing out issues.
  5. Surrender To The Universe – Where you look at the universe in response to the bizarre, illogical, dare I say crazy thing it has just asked you to do and say “You want me to do WHAT??!?”  And then you go and do it anyway.
  6. Stepping Into Choice  - Once you’ve mastered surrender at the first level, then you have to balance it with choice – without going into control.  “What do you mean you’re not going to tell me what to do next?  I’ve been sitting here (sorta) patiently for NOTHING!?!”
  7. Surrender to Self – This is where you learn to step into your power and trust yourself with that power.  “I am amazing and powerful and HUGE – and I can still be trusted to be a good person.”

While we work with those in all stages, we specialize in helping those in stages 4-7.


You Get To Have Support On Your Mission

So many of us have had to push against everything we have been taught to be able to evolve into the people we are today.  Many have had to do it without anyone else there for support.  We’ve gotten used to it, but it doesn’t mean we’ve liked it.  Now that it’s time to step into the next stage of development, it’s time to set aside that need to be the lone wolf seeking out the next step and allow ourselves to be bolstered and supported by like-minded, like-missioned  tribal sisters and brothers.  None of us have to do this alone.


This was posted by one of our participants on a mailing list he and Kelle are on (reprinted here with permission)

 Jon Fischer Testimonial

Jon Fischer
John Fischer Photography

[Editor's note - we invited Jon because we love his photography and we thought he would enjoy the program - he has since become one of our most vocal ambassadors.]

Wow…….I am still sitting with and moved very deeply from Kelle Sparta’s [and Kathy Scheiern's] workshop over the weekend. It was outstanding. She and her leadership and training skill and presentation skills, and what she had to deliver,  were EXQUISITE…only word that could match it.  I saw her in a way different way than I have seen her before.Holy Sh_t! Its called Manifest Your Mission. And she’s partnered with another amazing woman and their co leading it was freakin amazing…Its for people with a mission to help the world , people, the planet…and stuff like that (I think) and take it from thought, to the personal intricacies of it for you (and shifting things that aren’t beneficial ) to making it happen and making money doing it. ALL OF THE ABOVE.Practical, personal, spiritual and emotional tools and guidance to make it all work. really.  (spiritual in a pretty broad sense of the word)I got profound stuff from it on a deep personal level and a deep business level.I had some awareness and shifts that seem life changing. I get even more clarity of what my gift is that I bring to the world.I used a ritual practice that I experienced over the weekend in a photo shoot this morning and it was SOOO beneficial to the shoot, for the sake of the energy and the “space” that I create in my shoots. It held it in the sacred space that it deserves. I just had that shoot and I am reeling from it…wow!!!……And this was just ONE thing that I happened to use immediately.I’ve really acknowledged my gifts that I bring to the world (or one of them) as really “seeing” someone’s wonderfulness when I’m shooting them. And letting them see it and helping them come out in their glory.By being clear about that over the weekend, I was able to see that gift and be with it and voice it and hold a space for it even more, and better, than usual in the shoot today.  Wow…………Holy crap…amazing…..”


Manifest Your Mission

December 13-15, 2013
Arlington, VA

Working With The Energy of ChangeWe have created a 3-day transformational event that:

  • Brings you into clarity about your mission,
  • Finds the internal blocks you have towards manifesting that vision in the physical world, and
  • Clears out those blocks from your mission
  • Helps you step into your power as a spiritual leader
  • Connects you with other evolved spiritual leaders

All while giving you a new perspective about why things haven’t worked in the past and how they can now.


Friday 8:30AM – 5:00PM and 7:00PM – 10:00PM
Saturday 8:30AM – 6:00PM
Sunday 8:30AM – 6:00PM
We WILL Finish ON TIME – so that you can make travel arrangements.


Spiritual Energetics In A Physical World

All businesses and missions have an energetic field that is their essence in the astral plane.  Most people build those fields unconsciously – creating them out an extension of their own energetic field.  The problem with this is that they then endow those entities with their blocks as well as their gifts.  And, if they don’t know how to properly ground the energy into the physical plane, the mission/business will go nowhere.


Tonia Pinheiro Testimonial


“23 hours over 3 days.  Got balanced offerings: mental, emotional, spiritual, practical.  Kind of felt like first visit to DisneyWorld – so much wonder, sensory overload, days later is becomes clear how much beauty, wonder, was received.  Love the authenticity, skill, humor, ability to hold diverse people and energies, openness, knowledge.  Rich in content & modeling.”

- Tonia Pinheiro, Wake Up! Artist

Brynn Bishop Testimonial “I came to this event because it was exactly what I needed and it far exceeded my expectations!!!  I couldn’t imagine beforehand that you could cover all this content without it being overwhelming, and yet you did!  The energetics you brought to the process made all the difference.  PERFECT!   It gave me the tools and perspective to hone in more specifically on my mission, which is to help people heal the shame they hold around their sexuality and reclaim their power. I would absolutely recommend this program to others.  It will help them get clarity and alignment and focus in their business. “- Brynn Bishop, Conscious Intimacy

The Energetics Of Power

As a function of this program, we will identify and address the blocks in your personal energy field.  We will then remove those blocks from your business/mission so that it is not hampered by the personal challenges that you have yet to overcome.  We will also provide you with an understanding of the energetic underpinnings of your business/mission and how that foundational structure impacts everything else you do.  And we will call in guardians who will protect your business and keep you from putting your blocks back into it.  Those who have completed this course in the past have see HUGE shifts in their businesses – either in the form of a new business opportunity opening up, or in the form of new clients (or just lots of cash) coming in.

Mina Gibb “I am so very grateful for having done Manifest Your Mission. I was really impressed by how well Kelle and Kathy held the sacred space for all of the participants, supporting each person in her/his unfolding. I was also very impressed by the vast array of their skills. I experienced a pivotal shift in myself that is having a profound influence on my life and now trust that doing intuitive readings really is where my heart lies and where I shine. While I know that it was the right time and that I was ready for claiming it, had it not been for Manifest Your Mission, I may not have had the blessing of experiencing it in such a dramatic and affirmatory way. Many thanks to Kelle and Kathy for creating the opportunity, and particularly to Kelle for the perfect nudge in the right direction.” – Mina Gibb, Watertown, MA.


Who We Are In The World

Kelle Sparta and Kathy Scheiern are Transformational Shamans who have intimate knowledge of both the energetic world and the physical realities of creating organizations and businesses. 

Kelle Sparta Thumbnail Kelle Sparta – Thought Alchemist and Transformational Shaman
Kelle Sparta has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years.  She has also served on the boards of non-profits and been part of taking many missions from dream stage to reality.  She is a psychic, channel, medium, and energy healer.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher and holds a certification in shiatsu.  She has run many spirit-based businesses including: retail, online, and consulting.
Find Out More About Kelle
Kathy Scheiern Kathy Scheiern, Oracle and Transformational Shaman
Kathy Scheiern has been involved with corporate business for many years and can speak to the challenges of working with and transitioning from Corporate America.  She is a CPA and was the Controller of U.S. Domestic Accounting for a Fortune 500 company.  She was also a founder and ongoing creator of Lumens Gate – a transformational retreat that ran for 19 years.  She holds a PhD for having identified and codified the process that creates lasting transformation.
Find Out More About Kathy

With collectively over 60 years of personal growth and spiritual experience, and 50 years of business experience, we are poised to help you bring your mission to the planet NOW.



Tiffeny Wandler Testimonial


“Kelle and Kathy are extraordinary spiritual leaders.  What I received over the 3 days far exceeded my expectations.  They can take you to the places you need to go no matter how scary or painful then walk you through with love, grace and acceptance.  They lead you to a better place than where you started and a better understanding of who are in the world and where you are going.  They create an environment of safety which allows for and promotes the growth and perspective shifting necessary to move forward in all areas of your life.”

- Tiffeny Wandler

LaToiya LaVita Shaw Testimonial “This experience helped me step into the personal authenticity that I already knew I needed to live in order to create the life and the business I know I can have/create.”- LaToiya LaVita Shaw
Roxanne Mousseau Testimonial [I needed to] “clarify the next steps for myself in my Angel Reading business.  Learned SO much about myself.  Learned exceptionally valuable business info. It was awesome. It’s life/business changing.”- Roxanne MousseauDivine Feminine Alchemist at Joy Rising


Higher Guidance

Bypass the Song And Dance Routine

We’re not going to give you a big song and dance about why you should come.  If you’re part of our tribe, you’ll be able to feel the energetic of what we’ve created and know whether it is what you need or not.  We encourage you to trust your inner knowing.  There are those who will know immediately that this is what they need.  There are others who will know it’s not.  And then there are those who will be a little scared at the thought of coming.  Don’t worry.  That’s just the morphic field of the transformation.  It is always scary to go through a transformational process.  You never know how you will come out the other side.  But the transformation is always worth it in the end.

Need To Talk?  We’re Here.

Sometimes, you just need to be able to touch in and talk to someone before you commit.  We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.  Because we’re often on the phone with clients or in workshop sessions, please email us to set up a time to talk.                               



December 13-15, 2013

Hilton Garden Inn
1333 North Courthouse Road
Arlington, VA 22201

Bring A Friend For Free!

We know that so many of you have other spiritual leader friends who are in the same boat as you are and we want you to bring them along.  Because when you share an experience together, you’ll be in a better position to help each other stay on track when you get home.  (Plus, it helps to have a friend to bounce these new concepts and ideas off of in the time in between classes.)  So we’re going to give your friend free entry so you get that support (or you can split the cost and each come for half off – it’s your choice)! 

Note – To bring a friend for free simply change the quantity to “2″ and put your friend’s name and email address in the “Special Instructions” box on the checkout page.  If you each want to pay half, you can either both send half the money through Paypal to (please reference who your friend is on the transaction), or call the office at 617-702-2915 and we will take your credit cards over the phone.


Xing HuXing Hu Griffith “Yesterday, i had a reunion with participants of the workshop that I attended.  I felt strong love and connections with my fellow participants. Two weeks after my workshop, the bond and connections remained strong. Building a community might not be on your top priority list when you choose to come to the workshop, but the fact of a strong community born out of the workshop testifies to the energy work and transformative impact of the workshop.If you know what you want to do, certainly come to the workshop. You will learn some magical and energetic approaches for your strategizing and gain important insights of yourself, and get bound with a hard found community of like-minded healers and believers. If you do not know what you want to do, the workshop is your best first step… Considering it a therapeutic, transformative retreat to help you unlock and unstuck.  I recall that three days after the workshop, I was still reeling in the energy and joy from the workshop.”


Julie WoodsJulie Woods
The Urban Bliss Shaman
Just came back from one of the most extraordinary seminars I’ve ever attended: “Manifest Your Mission” with Kelle Sparta and Kathy Scheiern. OMFG! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO far above and beyond ANYTHING I could have imagined!!! Healing. Empowering. Terrifying, clearingly AWESOME. CHANGED MY LIFE — no shit.Let me simply say that, if you EVER get a chance to attend ANYTHING presented by EITHER of these women, RUN TOWARD IT like it’s a walled city and you’re being chased by zombies on turbo-charged motorcycles!!!They have created a nurturing, no bullshit, no fluff, wisdom-filled, practical-life-and-business-tool-packed cauldron of awakening. It’s for folks who are ready and willing to dive deeply into their self-work so that their lives and businesses can SAFELY learn, and practice, the art of soaring at Ground Zero level. (Whew! Breathe, Julie! ;-D)Let me point out that this is pharmaceutical-grade spiritual AND business tough love medicine and it is NOT for tire kickers, hecklers, the faint of heart, or anyone who doesn’t believe in opening up to passion in their purpose. You DON’T have to know what your life mission is — you’re likely to learn about with them. And even if you DO know, it may change once you identify AND release personal obstacles you probably don’t know you have… You just have to be willing to AUTHENTICALLY show up and the medicine will work.Gonna stop gushing. It’s simple: if you want to both succeed AND *enjoy* your success, check out their work. It’s not a panacea — just a chest full of powerful medicine tools.”

 Cancellation Policy:

More than 30 days Prior to Event – Full refund less a $50 admin fee OR a $50 transfer fee*
10-30 days Prior to Event – 50% Refund less a $50 admin fee OR a $50 transfer fee*
Less than 10 days Prior to Event – No Refund / No Transfer

*Fee to transfer your registration to another individual. Transfers require Spiritual Leader University’s prior approval.