FSBO Marketing Program

fsbompGet FSBOs to Beg You To List Their Home!

Are you tired of trying to talk FSBOs into listing their home with you?  Then stop trying!  Use this system instead and watch as THE SELLER ASKS YOU to list their house instead!



Overwhelm FSBOs With The Work To Be Done

This 47-page booklet of information, checklists and procedures is formatted as a giveaway to the FSBO. It easily accomplishes the task of overwhelming the FSBO with all the things that need to be done to sell their home.  With all those pages of checklists, forms and procedures, they can’t help but wonder where they will find the time to get it all done.


Impress Them With Your Organizational Skills and Professional Approach

The bonus about having all of these forms and procedures to give to the sellers is that it impresses them with the time and effort you have taken to get your business organized and the professional approach you’ve taken by putting systems in place to handle the sale. It’s a sure fire solution to the “why do we need you?” question.


 “I took your FSBO book out to a FSBO the first day I got it. When the seller saw how much work goes into selling a home, she asked if she could list it with me instead! Of course I said ‘YES!’ Your product made it so easy.”

Barbara Bourdon
Arakelian Real Estate
Billerica, MA


The Double Dip BONUS!  

Get the secret formula to getting buyer leads at the same time you’re working on getting the listing!




This program comes in two forms:

  1. CD & a Download in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010 Format. You will receive an email with your download within minutes of ordering and your CD will ship out via first class mail by the next business day.
  2. Or, save $15.00 when you choose “Download Only” in the shipping section and you’ll just get the download (which you can save to disc or other backup system yourself).

Use It Over And Over Again 

Because this is a booklet on CD, you can print as many booklets as you need, when you need them.  There’s no need to continue to buy them from me!  Buy it once and use it forever – now that’s value!

Completely Customizable – Make It Yours

Because you’re getting this product as a MSWord file, you can change ANYTHING in it.  Don’t like the wording? Change it!  Want to use your branding? No problem! Add a Header or Footer with Your Name On Each Page. There’s nothing on here that you can’t change.  Add Items That Are Specific To Your Region. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel – just modify it!

Time To Decide

So that’s it. All that’s left for you now is to decide whether you want the CD & Download or the Download Only option and then click on the “Add to Cart” button.  You’ll receive the download within minutes (check your spam filter in your email if you don’t get it immediately) and you can get started right away on making all that extra cash listing FSBOs.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering – yes, you can save a download to a CD for backup purposes and yes, you can put the download on more than one machine. What are you waiting for? Click on the button and get started now!)

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 Try this product for 30 days.  If it isn’t everything you wanted, simply return it for a full refund.  All we ask is that you tell us why you didn’t like it so that we can improve it for the next person!  No risk – all reward!


   Buy Now 99


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