Where Did Your Goals Go?

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They Got Lost Somewhere

It’s mid February.  When was the last time you looked at those goals you set back in January?  

By now, most people have given up on their New Year’s Resolutions and their business goals have taken a back seat to everyday life.  The problem with this is that everyday life produces the same results you’ve always had, so effectively, you’re not going to make your goals if this is what is happening for you.

It’s Only February

If your mind is starting to make excuses like “it’s only February, the market will pick up later in the year”, you need to be very careful.  Because while the market will be stronger in the summer, your habits are being set now.  And your results aren’t going to be better then if your prospecting isn’t better now.  If you aren’t on track to your prospecting goals, you need to get running to catch up or you’ll find in a few months that your new goals are no longer attainable and you’ll be left wondering…

What Happened?

You were so excited to get started. so enthusiastic about your plans, what happened?  This is a common theme for people the world over, they make a plan, start to work it, and then peter out and go back to their regular way of being.  Why?

  • Change requires you to repeatedly step out of your comfort zone.  It requires choosing a new way of being and most people don’t have the stamina to stick with the change long enough to make it a new habit (21 days).
  • Some changes change the way that you see yourself, your identity, and if you can’t whole-heartedly wrap yourself around that new identity, you will sabotage your change.
  • Change requires the willingness to receive the new results.  If you don’t feel worthy or are unwilling to receive the increase in income or happiness that will result from the change, then you will sabotage it.
  • It’s too hard.  Making change is work.  If you let yourself think about how much effort it is, you’ll talk yourself out of the new patterns and slide back into your old patterns.

These are just a few of the many reasons why people self-sabotage.  Does this look familiar to you?

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