Procedure Manual For Agents

Procedure Manual for Agents

It’s Time To Get A Life AND Expand Your Sales!

  • Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night realizing you forgot to do something on a closing?  
  • Perhaps you’d like to hire an assistant, but the idea of having to transfer all the knowledge in your head to another person seems overwhelming.
  • Would you like to be able to go on vacation and NOT get phone calls every hour from the agent covering for you?
  • Would you like to get more listings?  With the tools in this manual, you’ll look like the agent who is so organized and professional, you MUST be the right choice!
  • Or maybe you’re a new agent trying to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered and you don’t miss anything on your first closings.  This is the perfect tool! * 

I know that systems may not seem sexy, but they are the things that grease the wheels of a successful life and business.  With the tools in this procedure manual, you’ll have everything you need to make sure that your business gets and stays on track – whether you’re the one tracking the closings or someone else is. 

Ludwig_Pulaski“This is the best system I have ever seen in over 10 years in the real estate industry. I’ve put it in place for my entire company, new and experienced agents alike. All of my agents are producing well as a result of this program. Thanks, Kelle!”
Ludwig Pulaski, Ludwig Pulaski Real Estate, Oakdale, CT

More Than 150 Pages of Tools to Make Your Life Easier!

This manual contains over 150 pages of great procedures and systems to get and keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. No more forgetting things or running around at the last minute! This manual contains tips, forms, procedures, and checklists to:

  • Get full and complete information from sellers and buyers
  • Acquire everything needed to list a property
  • Coordinate getting a buyer to the point of buying
  • Take pending sales through until closing
  • Coordinate after-sale systems
  • Systematically generate testimonials from clients

Designed To Impress

It also includes numerous sample letters and checklists – such as “Closing Checklists” for Buyers and Sellers – that can both impress your clients and help the sale go through without a hitch! Think of all the referrals you’ll get when your clients realize how on top of things you are!  Plus, your manual is provided in download or CD format, so each form, procedure, and letter is fully customizable!


Contract To Closing – Everything You Need

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night realizing that you had forgotten to do something?  Don’t let that happen again!  With this system, you can sleep easy knowing that ALL of the details have been handled. My system contains tips, procedures, forms, and checklists to:

  • Get all the information you need from sellers and buyers, the first time – including the information other agents don’t think to ask – the stuff that makes you look like a rock star later.
  • Manage the buyer relationship so they know everything that’s expected of them and keep the closing on track.
  • Eliminate feedback calls on showings and make you popular with other agents by helping them get needed price reductions and repairs from their seller – with almost no effort on your part!
  • Take multiple sales through closing without missing a beat.
  • Keep in constant contact with sellers and stay on their good side.
  • Systematically generate testimonials from clients.
  • Impress your clients and help the sale go through without a hitch!


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Glenn Taylor“I have instigated already some of your office systems, I cannot believe after 15 years in real estate it took me half a day to become totally organised. My team and I have been using your system now for about 3 weeks, amazing increase in productivity – good on you.”

Glenn Taylor, Barfoot and Thompson, Whangaparoa, New Zealand

Sample Letters

It also includes numerous sample letters.  There are letters for every occasion to keep you in consistent contact with buyers and sellers.  Because the system comes in digital form (Microsoft Word), you can customize each letter to fit your business needs and print on your letterhead or display your logo.  You can also personalize each one to your specifications and style. In short, you can automate your contact system without losing the personal touch your clients appreciate.


Easy to Use – Get Started Today!

This system is modular, so you can start with the pieces that are most important to your business.  You don’t have to “swallow the elephant” by setting it up all at once (although you could if you wanted to) and you can see results right away.  It’s also comprehensive.  Once all of the modules are implemented, you will have a system that covers every aspect of your business.  And with our download option, you can get started immediately AND save some cash in the process!


This program comes in two forms:

  1. CD & a Download in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010 Format. You will receive an email with your download within minutes of ordering and your CD will ship out via first class mail by the next business day.
  2. Or, save $15.00 when you choose “Download Only” in the shipping section and you’ll just get the download (which you can save to disc or other backup system yourself).


brett_young“I have now received your downloads in my inbox…. Thank you for your prompt response so late at night. I picked up your book today and appreciate your approach. I noticed that your lists were very practical and right on point with what I’ve begun developing for my firm. I think that you’ve saved me a lot of time and effort by condensing everything for me. Thanks for your help.”

Brett Young,Principal Broker,High Ground Realty, LLC, Ulster Country, NY


BONUS Update!


Now you get a Social Media Setup Checklist and a Social Media Daily and Weekly Checklist with this product!





 Table of Contents

Listing Packet

Start the process off right. This module sets you up for a great relationship with your seller – expectations are set, all your bases are covered, and you have everything you need to be an expert on each transaction, including the questions other agents fail to ask.

  • Listing Packet Information
  • Seller Interview Sheet
  • Seller Information Sheet
  • How Much Does a Buyer Need To Earn to Purchase Your Property?
  • Commission Addendum  
  • Seller Repair Commitment Addendum
  • Approximation of Net Proceeds
  • There Goes the Neighborhood! Letter to neighbors
  • Showing Instruction Sheet
  • Showing Instructions

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DebbieMcBee[From her blog] “I’ve discovered a wonderful systems coach in Kelly Sparta [sic] and highly recommend her literature to other agents.  She has a spot-on system for qualifying divorcing sellers that saves a lot of time and confusion during the course of the listing and contract negotiations.” [These forms are part of The Procedures Manual for Agents]

Debbie McBee, Coldwell Banker Wallace & Wallace, Realtors Alcoa, TN


Listing Packet Information

Be a more effective and efficient marketer.  This module puts you ahead of the game early on and keeps you on track.  It even includes tools to help ensure your marketing dollars are well spent.

  • Condominium Information Sheet
  • Mobile Home Information Sheet
  • Vacant Land Information Sheet
  • Multi-Family Showing Instructions – Everything you need on one page for up to 4 units
  • Seller Information – Multi-family
  • New Listing Set-Up
  • Listing File Set-up Checklist
  • Listing Tracking and Listing Contact
  • Listing Tracking
  • Listing Contact Record
  • Key Log (in case you’re still working without Lockboxes – some people are)
  • Advertising Preparation Sheet
  • Request for Hotline Script
  • Listing Maintenance
  • Listing Maintenance Checklist  
  • To Schedule a Showing
  • Status Change
  • Agreement to Modify Listing Contract
  • Tracking for Incoming Calls
  • Activity/Showing Sheet
  • Past Client Follow-Up Plan – Sellers

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Other Listing Forms 

Stay on top of your game over the long haul. This module helps you manage each property over the lifecycle of the listing and enhances the effectiveness of your open houses.

  • Back on Market Checklist (everything you always forget to do when a listing comes back on the market)
  • Expiring Listing Checklist
  • Closed Contract Checklist
  • Listing Budget/Expenses
  • Advertising Costs
  • Preparing for an Open House
  • Open House Sign-in Sheet

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Kathy_divis“Your systems are the like the ones I’m trying to implement but YOU HAVE THEM COMPLETE. [Your service was] Great.  Love the follow-up.”

Kathy Divis,RE/MAX Results, St. Louis, MO


Sample Letters

Deliver personalized service on a large scale.  This module contains letters for every possible occasion from contract to closing and beyond, and you can customize them for your business.  This system ensures buyers and sellers know what their responsibilities are and feel well cared for.

  • Our Goal Letter (reminding the seller what the goal is and how you’re in it together)
  • Our Goal One Month Follow-up Letter (Let’s them know you’re still on their side)
  • Broker Letter
  • Assistant Introduction Letter
  • Begin Marketing Letter
  • Two Week Letter
  • Ad Copies/Showing Report Letter
  • Review Market Position Letter
  • Enclosed Recent Ad Letter
  • Your House is On the Web!
  • Other Ad Copies/Showing Report Letter
  • Pleasure Working With You Letter
  • Congratulations on Sale of Home Letter
  • Thanks for the Appointment Letter
  • Thanks for the Listing Letter
  • Winterization Letter
  • HUD Statement Letter (send in January)


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Buyer Forms

Be an invaluable resource to your buyer without draining all of your resources.  This module streamlines communication with buyers to eliminate a lot of the back and forth while helping you deliver exceptional service – even when you’re out of the office.

  • Report Order Call-Back Script
  • Lead Sheet
  • Prospect Contact Record
  • Buyer Information Sheet
  • Buyer Interview Questions
  • Test and Inspection Recommendations
  • List of Contractors
  • Buyer File Set-up Checklist
  • Buyer Home Worksheet
  • Buyer In-Process Sheet
  • Buyer Contact Record
  • Buyer Budget/Expenses
  • Important Dates
  • Showing Scheduling Stickers


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Basic Office Set-Up

Take control of the back office mess that can cost you time and money.  This module allows you to be in control of all the behind-the-scenes details including tracking your assets (like lock boxes) and sharing feedback without playing phone tag.

  • Listing Packet Boxes
  • Office Info Binder
  • Lockbox Log
  • Sign Log
  • Filing
  • Fax Feedback Filing System
  • Agent’s Fax Feedback Form
  • Date/Contact Book
  • Showing Box
  • HUD Statements to Send Out

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Jill_McMullen“Hi Kelle: just wanted to let you know that I received the Policy and Procedure CD [The Procedure Manual for Agents] in the mail today. This is exactly what I was wanting. Thank you for your “above and beyond” customer service. You are first class and I will recommend your company to everyone. Very sincerely, a customer for life.”

Jill McMullan, McMullan & Co. Real Estate, Albuquerque, NM


Pending File Forms

Finish flawlessly. This module contains the most useful tools in the entire system. If there’s a problem with the closing, all your hard work can go out the window. These tools make sure that won’t happen by ensuring every party has everything they need, all the details are covered, and you don’t end up paying for a missing appliance at closing.

  • Agent To Transaction Coordinator Form
  • Attorney Information Form
  • Accepted Contract Checklist  
  • First 10-Day Process
  • Files In Progress Checklist
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Buyer’s Pre-closing Checklist
  • Congratulations on getting your offer accepted!
  • To Create a Utilities Sheet
  • Seller’s Pre-closing Checklist
  • Congratulations on your accepted offer!
  • Agent Pre-Closing Checklist
  • Last 10-Day Process
  • Walk-Through Checklist
  • At Closing Checklist
  • Seller Moving Information

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Why Get This Manual Instead of One From Another Trainer?

  • I could tell you that my procedures give you a system that took me from a 20% referral rate to a 85% referral rate within 3 years (and they did). 
  • I could also tell you that the systems are designed with a consultative approach in mind and with an eye to making the client feel appreciated and important (they are). 
  • But the bottom line is this – the systems are good sure, but what makes them even better is the fact that they are already on CD and in text files that are easily accessible and modifiable – with most other systems aren’t.

Most other trainers out there are selling you paper copies of their programs.  They do this because it HELPS THEM keep their copyright intact better.  I offer mine on CD and download because it helps YOU more.  I KNOW how long it takes to enter all of these forms, letters, and procedures into the computer from scratch because I had my computer crash and we had to hire a temp to re-enter all of the data.  It took TWO WEEKS  of full-time effort to get it all entered.  I think you have better things to do with your time (or your assistant’s time) than hand-enter forms into a computer.  This is why I give you my manual in digital form.  It will be faster to implement and therefore infinitely more useful to you in the long run.  


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Becky_Washam“I was very impressed with the detail since I am not a detail-oriented person. I just hired an assistant that will be starting soon, and am looking forward to getting my business more organized. I really liked the sample letters.”
Becky Washam, RE/MAX DFW Associates IV, Flower Mound, TX



Time To Decide

Now that you’ve seen what’s inside, I think you’ll agree it’s pretty much a no-brainer that this procedure manual is worth every penny of the purchase price.  All that’s left for you now is to decide whether you want the CD & Download or the Download Only option (go GREEN & save cash!) and then click on the “Add to Cart” button above.  You’ll receive the download within minutes (check your spam filter in your email if you don’t get it immediately) and the CD within a few days and you can get started right away getting your business streamlined and systemized. 

(Oh, and in case you were wondering – yes, you can save your download to a CD for backup purposes and yes, you can put the download on more than one machine.  What are you waiting for?  Click on the button and get started now!)



 Try this product for 30 days.  If it isn’t everything you wanted, simply return it for a full refund.  All we ask is that you tell us why you didn’t like it so that we can improve it for the next person!  No risk – all reward!


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*Check with your broker to confirm procedures in your area against the manual, customs change from state to state and region to region.
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