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Has Your Broker Left You To Fend For Yourself?

By now, you’ve probably realized that what brokers promise and what they deliver can be very different things.  It’s not because they try to mislead you, it’s often because time restraints, timing issues, lack of organization, and other things that get in the way.  But the result is that you end up left on your own to fend for yourself.  And when you ask other agents for help, you get blown off.  What can you do?!!?

Feeling Lost?

I can’t blame you!  You’re starting in on a new career where you need to learn the ropes.  You feel incompetent because you are!  You don’t know how to do the things that you need to do in order to close a deal.  You may not even know what the process looks like.  

Odds are, you don’t even know the right questions to ask!

You Deserve Better

Your broker is taking up to half of your commissions to provide you with an office and to train and coach you through the process, but you’re only getting half of what you’ve been promised.  That’s not cool.

Not Getting a Running Start Will Cost You Thousands – Maybe Even Your Career

Did you know that on average 70% of agents will quit the business in their first year?  This is most often because they don’t make enough money to keep going.  And this is because they, like you, didn’t get the support they needed to be successful.  Every month you don’t sell a house, you’re losing money.  Depending on your market and your split, it could be as much as $7K-$15K or even more.  And this doesn’t even count your expenses that you have to cover – rent/mortgage, utilities, office rental fees, MLS dues, etc.  These costs happen whether you sell or not, and they add another $2-$10K/mo. to the total losses.  When you consider all of this as a whole, you need to get selling quickly or you’re in the hole for thousands.  

You Need High-Quality Help – NOW!

You Need To Learn How To:

  • Prospect Effectively, Sign Clients, and Close Deals Quickly
  • Handle Objections, Negotiate Effectively, and Anticipate and Solve Problems Quickly
  • Program Your Clients for Repeat and Referral Business 
  • Set Up Your Back Office Systems So You Can Easily Keep Track of Everything

You also need to know how to set yourself apart from the competition, so that you’re not “just another Realtor”

Pick Someone In Alignment With Your Values

One of the biggest reasons that agents fail is that they are told to be someone they aren’t.  They don’t want to be a high-pressure sleazy salesperson.  They want to help people but they are trained to close, close, close!  You don’t have to be a hard-sales person to sell houses effectively.  You CAN do sales through creating relationships – you just have to understand how.

Kelle Sparta, Author of The Consultative Real Estate Agent

The Consultative Real Estate AgentThe absolute best way to learn the business is from someone who has been there, someone who shares your values in how you want to run your business, and someone who is available to answer your questions when you need them answered.  Kelle Sparta is an expert real estate coach and trainer.  She has helped hundreds of new agents get their businesses off the ground and running.  Those who go through her training, succeed in their first year at a rate 2.5 times higher than those who don’t.  

Over 5 years, her agents’ success rate is 900% higher than the national average.  

This is due to her unique approach to training and sales.  She takes a personal approach to the business and it shows in her results.  

The Path

  1. You’ll begin by going through Kelle’s unique Into GREAT – Success Training For New Agents
  2. Work on your personal brand, to help you differentiate yourself from the competition
  3. Set up your back office systems so that you can track all your deals hassle-free and start building your referral business right away
  4. Negotitaion Advice – In Real Time – so you can know that you are advocating for your clients as best you can
  5. Skill-Building Sessions – Practice with Kelle to improve your closing abilities
  6. Debrief Appointments – An appointment didn’t go well?  Talk with Kelle to figure out why and how to do better next time.
  7. Creative Marketing Plan – Kelle will help you design a creative marketing plan that will help you stand out in your market.


Kelle SpartaSet Up Your Free Initial Consultation With Kelle

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