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 Some of Kelle’s TopicsThe Consultative Real Estate Agent

Grace Under Fire – Maintaining Your Personal Power In Stressful Situations (1 or 2 hours)

It’s one thing to stand up for yourself when a client, another agent, an attorney, or some other yahoo comes at your face.  But it leaves you feeling defensive, kicks your adrenaline up to ridiculous levels, and stresses you out.  You might win, but it feels like a loss because of how amped and unsatisfied you feel when it’s all over.  Or maybe you’re the type who caves in on these occasions – putting the goal of making everyone happy over your own need to set and enforce your personal and professional boundaries.  Regardless the outcome, if you’re not feeling peaceful and centered when you’re done, then you haven’t stayed in your personal power.  In this program, we’ll be discussing the core of what it means to be in your power, how to hold it in difficult circumstances, and how to come out of confrontations unscathed – without having to wipe out the other guy in the process.  If you’d like to be able to exhibit grace under pressure, this is the workshop for you!


How to Set AND ACTUALLY ACHIEVE Your Goals (1 hour)

It’s all good to set your goals each year, and setting goals is better than not setting them.  But how do you actually make those goals?  Just writing them down on paper isn’t always enough.  You have to create a plan to get there and be able to embrace the person you will become if you take your business to that new level.  In this program, we’ll look at the basics of goal setting and the road blocks that show up to keep you from reaching those goals.  Learn what to do when resistance stands in your way and you’ll never have to worry about making your goals again.


There’s No Excuse for Having No Leads (half day or full day)

In this program we explore the many ways in which agents can generate good leads. Agents leave with a list of 10 ways to bring leads into their business right now. In the full day session, agents are engaged in a workshop setting where they get a chance to brainstorm with other agents on getting more leads into their businesses.


Turning “Ring Ring” into “Cha-Ching!” – Stepping Out of Your Role and Into Relationship with Ad Callers (1 Hour or half day)

When people call in on an advertisement, they don’t want to talk to you, they just want the address. In this class, we show agents how to break out of the typically adversarial role they play as agents and step into the role of advocate and friend in just a few short moments. Agents learn a completely new perspective on interacting with people. In the full-day version of this course, students also learn how to effectively interview buyers and how to program them to pick a house quickly.


The Energetics Of Sales – How to Read People Like a Book (half day workshop)

Learn the subtleties of reading people. This is not a program on body language or personality types. This is a program on developing your personal ability to sense what a person is feeling, how they are responding to a situation, and how you should interact with them for the best results. This program is half lecture and half workshop where participants will practice the skills they have learned on each other.


The Cure for The Unreasonable Client (1 Hour or half day)

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to work with another unreasonable client again? There are time-tested techniques to help you create an environment where you only work with reasonable people – and ways to handle those who aren’t. In this program we discuss ways to increase your chances of working with great clients and eliminate the miserable ones.


Negotiate Like the Pros (half day or full day session)

90 minutes of education on how to negotiate more effectively, then the remainder of the time, the agents negotiate against one another in pre-created scenarios. They get to compare their results against the other people in the room and get graded by the people they negotiated against.


The Consultative Real Estate Agent (1 Hour, half day or full day)

Based on Kelle’s popular book, this course gives agents a new perspective on the business of real estate. Agents learn how to: get deeper into relationship with their clients, program their clients to give them referrals and improve their closing ratios.


Creating Instant Rapport (1 Hour or half day)

Sales are all about connections – if you can connect to someone, you can sell them into working with you.  Learn how to connect instantly with anyone you meet or speak to. Understand the subtleties of personal interaction and learn how to apply them in your business for best results.


Beyond The Basics

Custom-Designed Programs

Kelle offers classes on a variety of beginner, intermediate and advanced topics. Talk to her about who you are targeting and she will design or suggest a program that would work best to fit your needs.

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