What Makes Kelle Different

Looking For Something Out-Of-The-Box But Still Relevant So People Show Up?

As a meeting planner, it can be hard to keep people interested an excited.  It’s your job to provide the programming that draws them in the door, but after a while, it all starts to look the same.

Get Your Participants Excited!

Whe you bring Kelle in, you’ll be getting valuable tools from a completely new perspective.  You won’t find any “rah-rah” with Kelle.  Oh, she’ll motivate your people – but she’ll do it by giving them new ideas and making them look at their businesses from a completely different perspective. Don’t be surprised if the audience stops eating at your next luncheon keynote with Kelle – it’s happened before. Forks frozen in midair as Kelle offers up something that’s so compelling, so different, that it makes agents forget their phones and their food! 


Here’s What People Have Said About Kelle

“Your presentations are always the most-commented on presentations we have.  Our people love you!  Your topics are completely different from anything else we offer and our attendees love your perspective.  It really makes them think.  For months after you speak, we get requests from members to bring you back.” – Alison Socha, Women’s Council of Realtors Northern Region


Kelle Sparta is inspirational, extremely knowledgable and entertaining during all of her presentations and gives an imporatant take-away no matter what the subject matter.  As an event planner, I know that hiring Kelle is always a safe bet.  People are anxious to come back to see what she has to offer and always enjoy the presentations.” – Carol Fontana, Women’s Council of Realtors Past Governor of Massachusetts


“Thank you so much for the excellent presentation yesterday [Creative Prospecting – New Ideas to Increase Your Sales]. I learned a lot that I can use in the future and I look forward to coming to more classes that you teach in the future. Thanking you again.”  – Marla Lombard – Century 21 Cornerstone, Upton, MA


Feedback from our session was very positive… and [the agents] enjoyed your take and ideas on getting moving.  I have observed agents since then focusing on getting some systems in place and taking advantage of some of the programs we offer, which some of my better producing agents needed.  I enjoyed your presentation as well!” – Art Ferrara – Landmark Realtors


“When it comes to coaching folks on their real estate (or any career I imagine!) Kelle really is amazing. She came to speak at a training I held for the local Realtors, and I got so many complements about how fantastic she was. As you know, many speakers fall far short in this arena! She got a room of tired and less than enthusiastic folks to actually smile and interact. Gotta Love It!” – Emily Linback, Managing Director, eWomen Network


But Don’t Take Their Word For It! Listen For Yourself.

Below is an excerpt from Kelle’s popular Grace Under Fire presentation.


A Totally New Approach To Real Estate

Kelle approaches real estate from a people-based perspective. She teaches agents how to coach their clients, not only through the transaction itself, but also through whatever major life transition caused the client to make the move in the first place. By doing business in this way, agents create stronger, deeper, longer-lasting relationships with their clients, resulting in more repeat and referral business as well as a higher quality of life for the agent.

She also works with agents on their own internal landscape – improving their ability to set good boundaries with clients, negotiate effective for themselves and their clients, and not fear rejection.  Her new agent training program has created results 900% greater than the national average and her work with experienced agents has allowed them to step into levels of production they had previously tried and failed to reach.


Presentations Designed for the ADD Audience

We all know that agents are a little ADD. If your presenter isn’t interesting, engaging, and entertaining, no matter how good their message is, agents won’t listen. As a presenter, you’re competing in the agent’s head with the list of a million things that have to be done. One moment of boredom and you’ve lost them. Kelle keeps her presentations upbeat, powerful, engaging and fast-paced.  She covers the topic in-depth in such a way as to entertain even the most jaded audience.


Never Have An Agent Tell You That the Presentation Was a “Waste of Time” Ever Again!

Agents walk out of Kelle’s events excited about their businesses. They have new ideas and specific plans of action for how to implement them. You won’t just get one new idea from an event with Kelle – you’ll get a whole list.


Why Meeting Planners Love Kelle

Superior Content and Delivery

  • Timely, relevant content your audience will love
  • A unique approach that they can’t find elsewhere
  • Well-organized presentations where one concept builds on another
  • Kelle ties the program into the overall theme of the convention or meeting
  • Your audiences will thank you for bringing her out!

Kelle Is NOT A Diva

  • Kelle will always give your audience great value. She’ll never abuse her position to use the podium as a sales tool for her products.
  • No high maintenance, no tantrums, no unreasonable demands. No sleepless nights for you as a meeting planner!
  • Kelle will always keep in touch with you to make sure that everything goes well before, during and after the event.
  • Last minute changes that need to be added in or a topic that needs to be included in the program? No problem – Kelle thinks well on her feet and is ready for anything. Your audience will never know there was a change.

Low-Tech Requirements

You won’t need to come up with a laser projector and screen (or worry about whether they will work) for Kelle’s presentations.  A simple flip chart or white board is all she needs to captivate her audience. 

Working In Partnership

Kelle wants your event to be a successful one. And she will help you accomplish that goal in many ways.

  • Not all speaking engagements are accepted. If Kelle doesn’t feel that your event is a good match for what she teaches, she’ll tell you – and then she’ll offer suggestions for who she might think would be a better fit for you.
  • No “Canned” Programs – Kelle doesn’t work off of a script for her events – she works from an outline. This allows her to adjust to the audience’s needs as she goes along, which means that it’s never exactly the same program twice.
  • Kelle will conduct a full interview with you to determine who your audience is, so that she can offer advice on the program most applicable to your group. Then she will tailor her presentation to the needs of your group.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where does Kelle fly from?
  2. What does Kelle charge for an event?
  3. How far in advance do we need to book?
  4. Is Kelle available on short notice?
  5. What special equipment does Kelle need for a presentation?
  6. Can we record the event?
  7. What marketing materials does Kelle make available for her events?
  8. Does Kelle provide handouts for her events?
  9. Is Kelle available to speak overseas?
  10. Does Kelle offer programs for other industries?

Where does Kelle fly from?
Kelle flies out of the Boston’s Logan International Airport in Massachusetts.

What does Kelle charge for an event?
The answer depends on your needs. Where is the event? How long is the presentation you require? How many attendees will be at the event? Will there be an opportunity for Kelle to do back of the room sales? If you give us the details of your event, we’ll be happy to quote you a price based on those needs.

How far in advance do we need to book?
It is good to give as much notice as possible to ensure that the dates and times you desire are available. Kelle does sometimes book events as much as a year in advance. But don’t panic if you can’t plan that far in advance.

Is Kelle available on short notice?
The answer is – “sometimes”. It all depends on where your event is in relation to the other events she is doing at that time. Whenever possible, Kelle works hard to be accomodating. In short – give us a call – if we can do it, we will.

What special equipment does Kelle need for a presentation?
Kelle generally doesn’t use a lot of technology-based tools in her presentations. She’s happy with a flip chart, colored markers, and a wireless lavalier microphone (for audiences of more than 35 people).

Can we record the event?
Yes we can accommodate your desire to record the event. There has to be an agreement in place in advance of the event and an additional fee may be applicable depending on the uses intended for the recording.

What marketing materials does Kelle make available for her events?
We will provide you with as much or as little help as you desire in creating the flier for Kelle’s event. We can provide you with a list of objectives and benefits or we can create the entire flier for you. Let us know what you need.

Does Kelle provide handouts for her events?
It depends on the event. Some events have materials, others don’t. In the event that there are materials to be handed out, an electronic copy of the materials will be provided to the event planner and he/she will be responsible for getting the appropriate number of copies made for the event. (We do it this way because it’s cheaper for you than paying to ship in the copies.)

Is Kelle available to speak overseas?
Absolutely! Kelle loves to travel to new and different places. Give us a call today to book your event.

Does Kelle offer programs for other industries?
Yes! Kelle offers a variety of programs that can cross service industries. Call her today to discuss the needs of your organization.


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