Overcoming Self-Sabotage


Is Your Life and/or Business Unsatisfying?


You May Be Fighting Yourself!


Does This Sound Familiar? – All Work, No Play, Little Results

You’re working your butt off and you’re not being as successful as others who seem to effortlessly bring in the business.  You try this program and that, you take course after course, and you still can’t seem to break through to the next level (or even the first level) of business.  Your commitment is there, your work ethic is great, but the results are not matching your efforts.  You may even have been in coaching, doing everything they tell you to do with little to no benefit.  Even your coach is stumped.  This is when it’s time to call us.  

OR – Failure to Launch

You make commitment after commitment to yourself to do more to promote your business.  You design fliers and work on marketing materials, but when it comes time to send them out, you go back to the drawing board for one more revision or you start over because you took too long on the design and now it’s out of date.  When you talk to people, you are afraid to bring up real estate.  You don’t want to bother them.  You don’t even talk to your friends about it because you’d have to tell them that you’re just not doing as well as you’d like.

OR – Lots of Business, No Life

You’re great at bringing in business.  You’re awesome at closing deals.  But you have no life at the end of your work day.  You come home only to get on the phone and do more business.  Your spouse and kids don’t see you for weeks at a time – if you even had time to find a spouse and have kids in the first place.  You live to work and you’re missing out on life.  In fact, you’re so invested in your work, you have no idea what you would do with a full day off.


If You Haven’t Solved It By Now, You’re Blocked

True success is the combination of financial success and the time to enjoy it with people you love.  If your life doesn’t look like that, then you’ve got a block somewhere.  Some blocks are obvious, others are more elusive, but all will keep you from creating a life and a business you can love if you let them.


Symptoms of Self-Sabotage

There are two places that self-sabotage originates from:

  • Mental/Habitual
  • Emotional


Mental/Habitual Self-Sabotage Symptoms

Lack of Clarity – not sure how to position yourself in the marketplace to make you stand out from the competition.

Lack of Commitment – you tell yourself you’re going to do things to bring in business, but when it comes down to it, you do everything else but that.

Resistances – everything just feels too hard.  No matter what you try next, there’s always some internal story that tell you it won’t work.


Emotional Self-Sabotage Symptoms

Lack of Personal Power – under-earning at work, consistently having financial challenges, looking for approval from authority figures and those you love, asking other people’s opinions to make decisions.

Lack of Self-Love – harshly criticize yourself (and sometimes others), workaholism, putting everyone else ahead of you on your priority list, don’t take time to celebrate your successes because there is too much left to do.

Lack of Energetic Flow – You’ve been doing a lot of personal growth work, but now you’re stuck. You’re having a hard time finding the core of the issues you are trying to address. And everything you try or that someone tells you to do – isn’t working.

Lack of Self-Trust – You’re trying to bring your work into the world but you’re having a hard time promoting yourself, believing your work is valuable, proving to yourself that you really can do this kind of work.

Lack of Emotional Safety – You get overwhelmed by other people’s emotions. You monitor everyone in the room at all times to make sure everything is OK. You have a hard time in large crowds.


Overcome Your Self-Sabotage Blocks!

Sign up for a free initial consultation to identify your self-sabotage blocks.

Spend 15 minutes with me discussing the symptoms you recognized above and laying out a plan of attack to remove those blocks in your life.  Why wait any longer?  If you were going to figure this out on your own, you would have by now.  The smartest (and most successful) people get help when they need it.  If you have these symptoms, then you need help.  And it’s just a click away – AND IT’S FREE to get started.  What do you have to lose?


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