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This Buyer Presentation Book is the key to getting the buyer agency contract signed – every time.

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Product Description

BuyerPresentationBookYou Do A Formal Presentation
Every Time You Talk To A Seller

Why Wouldn’t You Do The Same With Buyers?

I see it all the time:  agents do these amazing presentations to their sellers to talk them into listing their home, but when they talk to buyers it’s usually on the fly in the car and they rarely get around to signing that buyer agency contract.  Why?  Bad habits?  Not required for the MLS?  I don’t know why you’re not doing them, but here’s a couple of reasons to consider doing them now.


There are two reasons to do a Buyer Presentation:

  1. Get the buyer to sign a buyer agency agreement with you and lock in your commission on the deal.
  2. Educate the buyer how not to screw up their own deal.  

There are so many things that can go wrong from the buyer’s end of the deal if you aren’t prepared.  With this presentation, you get the buyers to sign AND handle all of the common issues up front so that you can have more smooth flowing transactions in your pipeline.

Never Again Have To Deal With These Issues

With this Buyer Presentation Book, you’ll address these issues up front so that you’ll never again have to deal with them during the process of the transaction.

  • Buyers who buy a car or $10,000 in furniture in the middle of the transaction and disqualify themselves from the loan – NEVER AGAIN!
  • Buyers who go to an open house without you and place an offer with the listing agent – NEVER AGAIN!
  • First time buyers who freak out at every little thing driving you absolutely crazy – NEVER AGAIN!
  • Buyers who keep looking at houses with other agents – putting you in a bad position for getting your commission – NEVER AGAIN!
  • Buyers who change jobs in the middle of the transaction – not realizing that they may have just blown their deal. -NEVER AGAIN!
  • The reproaching phone call from a listing agent who just took a call from your buyers on their listing – NEVER AGAIN!
  • Buyers freaking out because they didn’t expect something that happened in the transaction – even though you expected it and it’s no big deal – NEVER AGAIN!

The key to a successful buyer-side transaction is the proper training of the buyers.  They don’t know the rules of our world and it’s our job to teach them so that we don’t end up in hot water dealing with issues that could have easily been avoided up front.  This Buyer Presentation Book does the heavy lifting for you.


A Winning Approach

This Buyer Presentation Book gives you a winning, step-by-step program for everything from establishing trust to closing the deal.

You receive everything you need to get a buyer to sign a contract with you as a buyer’s agent:

  • A customizable PowerPoint Buyer Presentation that creates momentum, puts you in relationship with the buyers, and gets them to hire you
  • A consultative, education-based approach so you position yourself as their friend and trusted advisor, rather than just another salesperson
  • Systems built into the Buyer Presentation to keep buyers from messing up their own transaction 
    The presentation even includes an integrated system to program your buyers to send you referrals right from the start!


“Your systems are the like the ones I’m trying to implement but YOU HAVE THEM COMPLETE. [Your service was] Great. Love the follow-up.” 

– Kathy Divis RE/MAX Results St. Louis, MO

You also get directions on what to say for each page, so you’re never at a loss for words!


This Buyer Presentation Is Perfect For:

  • Experienced agents who want to improve their closing numbers on buyer presentations
  • New agents who don’t have a clue how to get a buyer to sign up with them
  • Any agent who wants to reduce fallout due to buyer error!
  • Brokers who want to reduce their risk of fair housing lawsuits by systemizing how clients are interviewed (call our office, for rates on office licenses)
  • Brokers who want to improve their agents’ closing rates on buyer agency contracts (call our office, for rates on office licenses)


What You Get:

  • Your Buyer Presentation comes as completely customizable template slides: add, modify, or delete slides as you choose
  • You can print the presentation yourself or take it to a printer
  • Buy the package ONCE and print as many copies as you want!
  • Don’t like the wording? Change it!
  • Want to use your branding? No problem!
  • There’s nothing on here that you can’t change
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – just modify it!


Special Offer!

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This program comes in two forms:

  1. CD & a Download in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Format. You will receive an email with your download within minutes of ordering and your CD will ship out via first class mail by the next business day.
  2. Or, save $10.00 when you choose “Download Only” in the shipping section and you’ll just get the download (which you can save to disc or other backup system yourself).


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 Try this product for 30 days.  If it isn’t everything you wanted, simply return it for a full refund.  All we ask is that you tell us why you didn’t like it so that we can improve it for the next person!  No risk – all reward!

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  1. Rated 2 out of 5

    Virtual Private Servers

    The book provides an overview of what presenters should consider when getting their buyer presentations ready.

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