Expired Listing Postcards


16 Expired Listing Postcards that get expired sellers’ attention. Emotion-based, consultative approach that gets you in the door!

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How To Get The Easiest Listings In the Market!



You Already Know They Want To Sell

AND you know that they aren’t happy with their last agent who let their listing expire.  Now all you have to do is convince them that you’re the person to list with.  And that’s where I can help!

No Cold Calls!

I know that you’re dreading picking up the phone.  I know that the last thing you want to do is talk to someone who may not want to talk to you.  So don’t do it!  Let my Expired Listing Postcards turn that cold call into a warm call.  After getting a few of these highly targeted, emotionally connecting postcards, you may find that the sellers call you before you even get a chance to call them!  (That’s what happened to Ludwig Pulaski below.)


“Thanks for such an affordable program.  I have just implemented it … I really like how it is easy to personalize.  Thanks again.”
– Beverly Bond, ERA Bruin Trojan Realtors, Inc., Running Springs, CA 

Get The Listing

Sellers want to sell – even ones with expired listings – here’s how you can prove that you’re the right person for the job – before you ever pick up the phone!

Postcard Prospecting

This series of 16 Expired Listing Postcards will knock the socks off of any expired seller! Each one has a highly targeted message that hits an emotional button for the seller.  Each one positions you as a different type of agent – one who GETS what they are going through and CARES that their life is on hold until their sale is made.  And best of all, all you have to do is drop a postcard in the mail and wait for the phone to ring. What could be easier?


Don’t Pay For Each Listing!  Buy It ONCE And Use It Forever!

Unlike the Expired and FSBO Postcard program services that make you pay by the seller, we only charge you ONCE.  After your initial purchase, your only ongoing costs are for printing and postage.  What could be better than that?


“I work as a member of a team and we have been using the Expired Postcard Program since January 2008. We have had tremendous success,so we decided to branch out into the FSBO program  and send to our farming area. Again, thank you…”  Ruth Moser, Cutler Real Estate, Canton, OH


Six Week Program

Mail a postcard every 3 days and you’ve got a six-week program that will systematically make a seller feel like they need a new agent (YOU!)  This program asks sellers hard questions about their goals, their former agent’s performance, and puts you in the position of being the person who can solve their problems. 


Brand to Your Image

The greatest thing about these Expired Listing Postcards is that you can brand them to YOUR business.  They are COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE.  You can change the background, the text, the colors – everything!


One Phone Call Does It All

And if they haven’t called?  Well, once you’ve been sending these postcards for a while, go ahead and call them (or knock on their door if they’re on the Do Not Call list).  If they’ve read even a few of the cards and are still interested in selling their home, they should be more than ready to talk to you.



“I just got my first listing from using your Expired Postcard Program – it was so easy!  The seller called ME to list their home!  Thanks!”  Ludwig Pulaski – Ludwig Pulaski Real Estate, Quaker Hill, CT



This program comes in two forms:

  1. CD & a Download in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Format. You will receive an email with your download within minutes of ordering and your CD will ship out via first class mail by the next business day.
  2. Or, save $10.00 when you choose “Download Only” in the shipping section and you’ll just get the download (which you can save to disc or other backup system yourself).


What You Get:

  • Postcards come in both 4X6 (2-up per page and work with Avery Postcard Stock #8386) and 5X8 formats
  • The postcard files contain both the message on one side and a set-up for the address on the other side of the card.
  • You can print the cards yourself or take them to a printer.
  • Buy the package ONCE and print as many Expired Listing postcards as you want!
  • Cards are completely customizable to you.
  • Want to use less ink? Change the colors and the pictures.
  • Don’t like the wording? Change it!
  • Want to use your branding? No problem!
  • There’s nothing on here that you can’t change.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – just modify it!


$59.00Add to cart

Time To Decide

So that’s it.  All that’s left for you now is to decide whether you want the CD & Download or the Download Only option and then click on the “Add to Cart” button.  You’ll receive the download within minutes (check your spam filter in your email if you don’t get it immediately) and you can get started right away on making all that extra cash listing expired homes.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering – yes, you can save a download to a CD for backup purposes and yes, you can put the download on more than one machine – so you can have a copy at home AND at the office – you can even send one to your virtual assistant so that they can do the work for you!  What are you waiting for?  Click on the button and get started now!)


$59.00Add to cart



 Try this product for 30 days.  If it isn’t everything you wanted, simply return it for a full refund.  All we ask is that you tell us why you didn’t like it so that we can improve it for the next person!  No risk – all reward!


$59.00Add to cart


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