First Time Home Buyer Seminar Presentation


Fill Your Sales Pipeline For The Next 2 YEARS!

Seminars are the best way to fill your pipeline of business, quickly and effectively.  And best of all – they WANT to talk to you!  Get started filling your pipeline today!

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Product Description

fthbsemNever Wonder Where Your Next Deal Is Coming From Again!



How Would You Like To Be Able to Build a Pipeline of Business That’s Over 2 Years Long?

When you run 1st Time Home Buyers seminars on a regular basis, that’s exactly what you get.  People will start the self-education process as much as 2 years in advance of their actual purchase plans.  This means that long before they attend their first open house, you’ll know they are looking to buy – and they will know that you are the person to buy from. 


Position Yourself As The Expert

What better way to position yourself as the expert to a room full of potential clients than to be the person running the First Time Home Buyer’s Seminar Presentation?  Using my 1st Time Home Buyer PowerPoint presentation, the only thing you have to do is set the date, book the room and put out the promotions that we’ve provided.  The rest has been done for you, from the announcement press release to the follow-up postcards, to the social media marketing plan, it’s all here.


Get Whole Rooms Full Of Potential Clients!

Don’t do your prospecting one person at time!  Instead, fill your pipeline with a whole group of people who will bring you business now and for the next two years!

An Interview with Kelle Sparta:
“How to Use Seminars For Prospecting”


Complete directions on how to run your First Time Home Buyer’s Seminar presentation including:


  • The best days to hold your 1st Time Home Buyer Seminar Presentations
  • The locations that get the best turn-out
  • How to get sponsors for your event
  • How to advertise your event for free
  • Sample ads – both print and social media
  • A pre-written press release ready for your information to be dropped in
  • Plus you get a sign-in sheet to keep track of who attended



“Kelle, you rock! I am very excited about your program.  I just bought the home buyers seminar and it is wonderful...Keep up the good work”

Kevin Brooks, Kevin Brooks Realty, Mount Vernon, NY  

A complete PowerPoint Presentation

  • All the slides to run a presentation with or without a mortgage officer
  • A complete script of what to say with each slide.
  • A tutorial slide show that has the script recorded so you can see what it will look like when it’s done


Instructions on how to print a 22-page handout to give to the buyers

  • Your buyers get a copy of all the slides to take notes on
  • They also get a list of Home Inspection Facts
  • Plus they get a Buyer’s Worksheet to fill out so they can focus on what they want
  • You get an instructional page on how to put together a flier promoting yourself to those buyers


Five weeks’ worth of follow-up postcards to capture the most buyers possible

  • Improve your response rate
  • Increase your exposure to buyers and their friends
  • Build a steady stream of qualified leads

You run the ads, greet people at the door, show them their seats, make a brief introduction and then start-up your Power Point slide presentation. The slides lead you through the presentation step-by-step. Nothing to it!

The First Time Home Buyer Seminar Presentation takes 45-90 minutes to present (depending on how many tangents you take in presenting and how many questions you get).


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What You Get

Four First Time Home Buyer PowerPoint Presentations

  • One for just the realtor section (if your mortgage officer has their own program) (33 Slides)
  • One for the realtor and the mortgage officer (44 Slides)
  • One just for the mortgage officer (26 Slides)
  • A tutorial of the entire program with the script being read so that you can learn how to go through the program. There are also hints and tips on the recording to tell you when to ask for questions and what to expect from the audience.(46 Slides)


MS Word files that include

  • Instruction manual
  • Script
  • Buyer handout pages
  • Press Release
  • Sign-in Sheet
  • Mortgage Calculator Page
  • As well as the files with your fully-customizable follow-up postcards. (You print them yourself on your own printer so that you never run out.)

You can modify everything in this presentation to fit the needs of your business and marketplace. We’ve built the template, you make it yours.



This program comes in two forms:

  1. A 3-CD Set AND a Download in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Format. You will receive an email with your download within minutes of ordering and your CDs will ship out via first class mail by the next business day.
  2. Or, save $10.00 when you choose “Download Only” in the shipping section and you’ll just get the download (which you can save to disc or other backup system yourself).



With this program you also get:

First Time Homebuyer Postcards

20 postcards designed to help renters decide that it’s time to buy!


The Care and Feeding of First Time Home Buyers
Audio Training Program

Learn about the special needs of first time home buyers via this 40 minute training program with Kelle Sparta.



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  • Add, Modify or Delete Slides as You Choose
  • Buy the package ONCE and use it over and over again!
  • Presentation is completely customizable to you.
  • Change the colors and the pictures to reflect your company brand or use the one we’ve set up for you
  • Don’t like the wording? Change it!
  • There’s nothing on here that you can’t change.



  • Postcards are 2-up per page and the files contain both the message on one side and a set-up for the address on the other side of the card.
  • Postcards come in both 4X6 (2-up per page and work with Avery Postcard Stock #8386) and 5X8 formats
  • You can print the cards yourself or take them to a printer.
  • Buy the package ONCE and print as many postcards as you want!
  • Cards are completely customizable to you.
  • Want to use less ink? Change the colors and the pictures.
  • Don’t like the wording? Change it!
  • Want to use your branding? No problem!
  • There’s nothing on here that you can’t change.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel – just modify it!


Don’t Wait – Buy Now!

Get started on your 2-year pipeline of business today!

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 Try this product for 30 days.  If it isn’t everything you wanted, simply return it for a full refund.  All we ask is that you tell us why you didn’t like it so that we can improve it for the next person!  No risk – all reward!

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