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 Are Your New Agents Not Producing The Way You’d Like Them To?


Are You Tired of Training People Only To Have Them Quit a Few Months Later?


How Many Agents In Your Office Still Aren’t Producing Up To Standard?


Stop Wasting Your Time On Training
Let Me Do It For You!


Over the last 20 years, I have perfected the art of training new agents to be successful.  I have developed a new agent training program that produces results 2.3 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than industry average in the first year and 900% more effective over 5 years.  70 of my students make it through the first year.  Out of those who remain, 95% stay in the business for at least 5 years.  Why?

  •  Your agents learn to fish for their own leads, to make the most of what they get, and to follow-up, follow-up, follow-up!  
  • We address the issues that cause agents to self-sabotage, procrastinate, and quit 
  • I teach the agents how to be themselves in their business, rather than trying to “copy the pros” which usually leaves them feeling inadequate
  • We address the underlying challenges that keep people from becoming successful agents (i.e. believing that salespeople are sleazy)
  • Agents get practical advice on how to start conversations, how to shift them to real estate, and how to convert interest to business.
  • Agents are taught an understanding of the business from a psychological level, so they understand their own responses to change as well as their clients’ responses to it.


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Here’s What Other Brokers/Managers Have To Say:

Kelle has been a godsend in helping me grow & develop a team of new agents. Her intelligence, insights and quick wit make every session incredibly valuable. I constantly have agents telling me how much they are learning from every meeting. She’s simply the best.” – Melody Bohl, Next Level Realty

I wanted to thank you and compliment you on your outstanding training program. Clearly you have been very successful in creating multiple modules that cover all of the vital topics that are important to realtors as they grow their respective businesses. Your attention to detail and anticipation of objections and situations that realtors face was well prepared and very detailed. I wish you continued success with your training and thank you for your assistance with my agents.” – Steve Gutstein, Keller Williams

“Feedback from our session was very positive… and [the agents] enjoyed your take and ideas on getting moving.  I have observed agents since then focusing on getting some systems in place and taking advantage of some of the programs we offer, which some of my better producing agents needed.  I enjoyed your presentation as well!” Art Ferrara – Landmark Realtors


And It’s Not JUST For New Agents

This 13 year veteran of the industry took the class and here’s what she had to say:

I highly recommend this class to All Agents whether you are a rookie or a seasoned professional in the business for years. This is the self-improvement, motivational course for real estate agents. I have seen none other like this course and Kelle Sparta speaks with honesty and tells it through her many years of experience.” – Barbara Bourdon


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And Yet More Testimonials:

NAMED ROOKIE OF THE YEAR FOR GMAC NATIONAL AFTER TAKING MY CLASS – “This class was extremely helpful. I am leaving this class with confidence that I will do a great job. I feel that this class has given me the edge that other agents do not have.” – Diana Digirolamo 

NAMED ROOKIE OF THE YEAR OUT OF 9 OFFICES AFTER TAKING MY CLASS – “(What I liked most was) the enthusiasm Kelle brought to every part she taught – Great, Applicable, Motivating information.” – Julie Tonkonogy

After completing (the) training, I was not only able to understand the real estate business, but I was also the highest producing new agent in the office after just six months!  I don’t know where I would have been without (it). – Isaac Arbouet

The training and accountability program that you have initiated are outstanding.  Thank you also for your guidance and leadership.  I have greatly enjoyed working with you.” – Randy Stabile

“(This program) makes what could be really boring material fun and exciting.” – Maria Albano

“I previously worked for another real estate (company) 15 years ago.  I left because of the negativity about the real estate profession….  (Into GREAT) helped me tremendously in being pro-active and motivated.” – Dee Kresco

“provides the perfect formula of knowledge, motivation, and entertainment for a better understanding of a potentially overwhelming new career in real estate.” – Deborah Neumann

Gave me the tools and the Desire to go out and kick some serious Butt.”  – Laura Poulin

“Thank you so much for the Into GREAT – Success Training Program! The training I have received from your program was way more than I ever imagined I would receive. After going through this training I feel more prepared to meet people where they are while they may be going through major life-changing transitions.
This training was exactly what I have been searching for a long time.

This training was an awesome experience for me. I have never experienced any other training like it! I found it to be informative, educational and in the most unusual way spiritual. This training helped me to see that Real Estate is not just about getting paid but it is also a service where people are helping people.

This is a great class for those who are new to Real Estate because it gives them a fresh, new and real perspective about this business.” – LaTanya Hayward

“I thought the course was very informative. It gave lots of tools and examples that will help me with my career. I thought it did a great job of covering every area of Real Estate. Definitely worth the time and money.” – Marla Medlock

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Here’s Everything Your Agents Will Learn!

  • Financing
    • General Financing Information
    • Choosing a Mortgage Officer 
    • Loan Products
  • Buyers
    • Prospecting for Buyers
    • Converting Buyers 
    • Buyer Agency Contract
    • Building Your Buyer Presentation Book
    • The Buyer Agency Presentation
    • Efficient Scheduling of Appointments 
    • What to Bring With You to a Showing 
    • Showing Skills 
    • Ethics and Showings 
    • Buying Signs 
  • Listings
    • Writing a Marketing Plan for a Home
    • Creating Your Listing Presentation Book
    • What To Do Before the Listing Appointment
    • One-Stop vs. Two-stop Listing Appointment
    • Creating the Competitive Market Analysis (CMA)
    • What To Do At the Listing Appointment 
    • The Listing Presentation
    • Presenting the CMA  
    • Prospecting for Listings
  • Objection Handling
  • Systems and Procedures 
  • Sending Referrals
  • The Business End of Real Estate (tax planning, legal entities, etc.)
  • Weekly Tracker – To Keep On Track for Goals
  • First Impressions
  • Personal Safety 
  • Developing Relationships in the Industry 
  • Working Your Sphere of Influence  
  • Creating a Schedule (boundaries so they don’t burn out)
  • Writing Offers 
  • Lead Paint Disclosure 

You KNOW your agents aren’t going to magically start making more money unless you and they start doing something different.  Every day you wait is money left on the table.  Sign them up NOW.


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Into GREAT!  Success Training For New Agents

Metropolitan School of Real Estate 
490 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145

Class Dates:  September 19 & 23 and October 3 & 7


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