The Change-Seeker’s Guide To Creating A Life You Can Love

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Product Description

Do You LOVE Your Life?

I don’t mean “is your life OK” or “are you relatively happy with it”.  

I mean do you really LOVE, adore, wake-up-grateful-for your life each and every day?

 If your answer is “No”, I can help.

My name is Kelle Sparta and I’m a Transformational Shaman.  What this means is that I’ve studied the psychological, emotional, physical, and energetic reasons why people are unhappy and know the pathways out of that unhappiness.  I teach people how to be happy.  Not just how to PURSUE happiness, but how to actually GRASP it.

There are a distinct set of issues that hold people back, and I’ve identified these and showed the steps to overcome them in my book:

In Clear Terms, Without Dogma, THIS is Your Road Map

If You’re New To Personal Growth Work…

This book will jump-start your process and take you through what would take most people 5-7 or more years to get through.  You will find yourself speeding forward towards that previously elusive life you can love.

If You’re An Experienced Seeker…

The Change-Seeker’s Guide To Creating A Life You Can Love will help you to fill in the gaps of the knowledge that you have already acquired AND it will help you to develop the skills to take all of the work you’ve done to the next level!  A bunch of the information in the book will be familiar.  You’ll be reading along saying “yep, I know that, know that, know that…” and then POW!  Something that you didn’t know will hit you right between the eyes and open up a whole new way of thinking for you.  Plus, as you read, all of the random knowledge that you’ve had will be put into context and fall into place in a way that allows you to more easily see how it fits into the bigger picture.

In It You’ll Learn:

  • How the process of change functions and what to expect when you engage it -so you don’t quit just as you’re about to take a quantum leap forward
  • Tips for recognizing when you’re triggered and when your ego is shutting down your process – so you can take back power your over yourself and your life
  • Tools for reducing drama, negativity, and angst from your life – because happiness isn’t drama and bitching
  • The foundations of personal power and boundaries – THIS IS THE MAGIC KEY to making real change
  • Using the world around you as an indicator of where change needs to happen – your guides are trying to talk to you all the time – are you listening?
  • The basics of the Law of Attraction – in case you haven’t mastered them yet
  • The building blocks of happiness – to give you a solid foundation on which to build that life you can love

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally have the road map for change?
It’s all in here!

Higher Guidance

Imagine living a life where you:

  • Can choose the drama level that you engage (like none!)
  • Can ask for help – AND GET IT – from competent people
  • Aren’t thrown off balance by other people’s actions and emotions
  • Are no longer waiting for the other shoe to drop
  • Don’t feel needy in relationships
  • Finally put yourself at the top of your own priority list
  • Keep promises to yourself
  • Feel loved, treasured, and taken care of
  • Feel valuable – even if you’re not doing anything or being of service in any way

This is the life that this book will put you on the track to get.  It will give you the tools, perspectives, and skills you need to take your personal growth to the next level – literally!

The Change-Seeker's Guide To Creating a Life You Can LoveTake Power Over Your Own Life

It you’re tired of feeling out of control, wishing you got to be the priority in your own life, and are ready to make some positive change RIGHT NOW, then this is the place for you to start. 

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