The Secret Behind The Law of Attraction – Manifestation 101


Did you watch The Secret and then try to make the Law of Attraction work for you only to fail? That’s because there is more to manifesting than The Secret tells.

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The Secret Behind The Law of Attraction SSS

Success – Just Like Magic!

Do you want to have success show up in your life just like magic?  The Law of Attraction is the secret to making business come to you like magic!  

Maybe you watched The Secret and then tried to make the Law of Attraction work for you (only to fail because the movie tells you that the law exists, not how it works).  Maybe you’ve never heard of the Law of Attraction, but you’re keeping an open mind.  Either way, this video series will teach you the way to get the energies of the universe to line up behind your plan for success. 


Manifestation is Profoundly Simple and Exceedingly Complex

The principle of manifestation is simple – get yourself energetically in alignment with what you want so that it is attracted to you.  But HOW you do that is more challenging than you might imagine.  Your stories about worthiness, deserving, your willingness to receive, your fear of your own power – all of these things can short circuit the process.  Tendencies to be controlling and perfectionistic can also interrupt your manifestations before they have time to arrive.  In this 8-Part Video Series, I cover the basics of how to manifest what you want – without unintentionally self-sabotaging.


In This 8-Part Video Series You’ll Get:

  • Step-by-step how-to instructions on bringing people, money, success, and items into your life.  
  • A list of the common traps that many people fall into when trying to use the Law of Attraction.
  • Real-world questions to ask yourself to open you up to allowing the Law of Attraction to work in your life.


I’ve used the Law of Attraction To Get:

  • A book deal with The American Management Association – without having written a proposal!
  • $1550 in one day – just because I wanted to.
  • A trip to Toronto and entrance to an event that got me entree into an exclusive group and an invitation to sell my programs from the stage – free!
  • Two days of free construction labor from someone I didn’t know
  • Going from $700 in income one month to $13,000 in income the next month
  • Places to stay every night of a six-month spiritual pilgrimage – 90% of them with people I hadn’t met before I left!
  • Free ongoing advertising for my business to one of my target markets in exchange for 10 hours of my time
  • An entire house full of furniture including a couch and loveseat combination, end tables and a coffee table to match, a TV, a high-end stereo and CD player, a microwave, silverware and dishes a kitchen table and chairs, a linen cupboard, and more for FREE!
  • And more!

With Success Like This, What Do You Think YOU Could Manifest?

Get Your Copy of The Secret Behind The Law of Attraction Today
and Get Started Creating A Life YOU Can Love!

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