Systems Make a Business

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If You Don’t Have Systems,
You Don’t Have a Business

Systems make a business.  Without systems, you’re just throwing things against the wall and hoping they stick.  Systems are an organized approach that guarantees success every time.  And while yes, doing the same thing over and over again may be boring, it’s also what guarantees income.  (And this is why you eventually hire someone to do the boring things for you!) 

3 Types of Systems

There are three different types of systems in a real estate business:


The Benefits of Systems

When you put these systems in place, these cool things happen:

  • Your business produces income automatically – You don’t go through cycles of feast or famine.
  • You can increase your income anytime – just do more of what is already working.
  • You have peace of mind – you don’t wake up in the middle of the night realizing that you forgot to do something important.
  • You get time off – you can go on vacation and leave your files with another agent or an assistant who can see at a glance what has to be done so they don’t have to bother you on your vacation.


This Is What Happens Without Systems

YoYo Business


Do You See What The Problem Is?

Look Hard…

Yep – You’re The Problem

You are in the way of your business.  If you are the one who has to send out the prospecting materials and keep things moving forward, then you are the pinch point in your prospecting, and that prospecting doesn’t happen when you get busy.  Which means, you’re putting yourself out of business every time you get busy.  Cut it out!

Step 1

Set Up Your Back Office Systems

This way, when the business comes pouring in from the prospecting systems you’re about to put in place, you are ready to handle it with grace and ease.  It also means that when you’re ready to hire an assistant, you have a system to train them on.  This means there is a greater chance of that person succeeding at their job and you not having to fire them and start over with someone new.

This means you’ll need checklists and procedures for:

  • What to do when you get a listing
  • What to do when you get a buyer
  • Marketing listings
  • Tracking closings
  • Past client follow-up

Each of these items will have a bunch of things under those headings, but it’s a good start.  If you don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel, check out my Procedure Manual for Agents – it’s all done for you already.  You just put the systems in place and let them run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Step 2

Put Your Prospecting Systems In Place

  1. Create a Marketing Plan
    1. What prospecting activities do you like to do?  Seminars?  FSBOs and Expireds?  Open Houses?  Networking?  Put together a plan to do a regular prospecting events/activities.
    2. What marketing do you do?  Just Listed/Just Sold cards?  (Don’t forget that you can advertise your buyer clients too!)  
  2. Set Up A Virtual Assistant and/or Mailing Service, they can: 
    1. Schedule and market your seminars
    2. Mail out FSBO Postcards/Letters and Expired Postcards/Letters
    3. Market your listings and open houses on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
    4. Submit your marketing materials to real estate books, newspapers, websites, etc.
    5. Send out your Just Listed/Just Sold cards
    6. Source and send articles to your farm
    7. Send follow-up letters, anniversary cards, and birthday cards to past clients
    8. Schedule and market past client follow-up events


Want To Succeed In 2016?  

Then Get Your Systems in Place NOW  
🙂  You’ll Be Happy You Did!



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