Glenn Taylor

[Regarding The Procedures Manual for Agents] “I have instigated already some of your office systems, I cannot believe after 15 years in real estate it took me half a day to become totally organised. My team and I have been using your system now for about 3 weeks, amazing increase in productivity – good on you.” Jill_McMullen

Jill McMullan 


“Hi Kelle: just wanted to let you know that I received the Policy and Procedure CD in the mail today. This is exactly what I was wanting. Thank you for your “above and beyond” customer service. You are first class and I will recommend your company to everyone. Very sincerely, a customer for life.”


Steve Gutstein

“I wanted to thank you and compliment you on your outstanding training program. Clearly you have been very successful in creating multiple modules that cover all of the vital topics that are important to realtors as they grow their respective businesses. Your attention to detail and anticipation of objections and situations that realtors face was well prepared and very detailed. I wish you continued success with your training and thank you for your assistance with my agents.”

Sylvie Johnson

Sylvie Johnson

“I got your cds today I ordered and am VERY impressed with the layout and thoroughness! You have a quality service and it is much appreciated!!  Thank you for your time and expertise!” 


Debbie McBee

“I’ve discovered a wonderful systems coach in Kelly Sparta and highly recommend her literature to other agents.  She has a spot-on system for qualifying divorcing sellers that saves a lot of time and confusion during the course of the listing and contract negotiations.”


Kelly Giorgi


[Kelle:] “Thank you so much for such a fun, exciting and informative class. Your enthusiasm made the class enjoyable!! Thanks again for the plethora of information–you are a wealth of knowledge. I know I will coming to you for advice and assistance in the future.”


Ron Jackson

“Thanks for the quick response! You really do a super job with regard to customer service!”


Judie Fedor

“Your products are really the best out there,  I am very grateful I found you… I was amazed at your materials, how very professional they are.  Thank you, thank you — love the 30 day warranty, just puts the risk at ease …just like my clients, we all [love] the guarantee.” 


 Shannon Cherry

“When I started working with Kelle, I was cautious.  After all, I had previously hired one of the so-called business gurus to coach me – and not much happened.

But within two months, with Kelle’s straightforward advice, my business is not only surviving, but thriving like never before. My income has tripled. I’ve developed multiple streams of income based on my client base. And best of all, I am more confident that my business (and life for that matter) is balanced and profitable.

Today, I’m running my business, instead of it running me!”


Paul White

“I enjoyed our coaching session the other day and feel that the words of wisdom shared will be of great benefit…. It is a rare treasure to find someone who can be so focused on business and be as spiritual and understanding as you.” 


Kelley McNally

“Just wanted to drop a line and say hello and thanks again. I’ve heard from two other salespeople who took your class [There’s No Excuse for Having No Leads] and we all agree that the information was so valuable. Last week I marketed a set of buyers who want a specific neighborhood and this week I’m meeting with a divorce attorney to discuss referrals. Thank you again for the wonderful insights and the knowledge.”

UPDATE: One month later: “Thought you might like to know that my first buyer mailing (advertising my buyers) netted me three possible houses for them and two listing appointments. The tools you gave us really work if you put them to good use!!”


Nancy Quigley

“Today’s class was fabulous — but then again so are you darlin’…looking SO forward to the workshop.” 


Beverly Bond

“[Regarding our Expired Listing Postcard Program] Thanks for such an affordable program.  I have just implemented it and will let you know how it goes.  I really like how it is easy to personalize.  Thanks again.”


Melody Bohl

“Kelle has been a godsend in helping me grow & develop a team of new agents. Her intelligence, insights and quick wit make every session incredibly valuable. I constantly have agents telling me how much they are learning from every meeting. She’s simply the best.” 


Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown

“Sat in on Carol Johnson’s Recruiting Pipeline today and want to tell you that you were the best presenter and provided the most Ahas of anyone who has been on her program. Thank you so much for your input; it will change the way I do business”


Laura Poulin

“(Your new agent training) Gave me the tools and the Desire to go out and kick some serious Butt.” 


Ginger Fawcett

“You gotta listen to her podcasts and check out her training. It’s really great!”


LaTanya Hayward

“Thank you so much for the Into GREAT – Success Training Program! The training I have received from your program was way more than I ever imagined I would receive. After going through this training I feel more prepared to meet people where they are while they may be going through major life-changing transitions.
This training was exactly what I have been searching for a long time.

This training was an awesome experience for me. I have never experienced any other training like it! I found it to be informative, educational and in the most unusual way spiritual. This training helped me to see that Real Estate is not just about getting paid but it is also a service where people are helping people.

This is a great class for those who are new to Real Estate because it gives them a fresh, new and real perspective about this business.”



Brett Young

[Regarding The Procedure Manual For Agents] I have now received your downloads in my inbox…. Thank you for your prompt response so late at night. I picked up your book today and appreciate your approach. I noticed that your lists were very practical and right on point with what I’ve begun developing for my firm. I think that you’ve saved me a lot of time and effort by condensing everything for me. Thanks for your help.


Ken Oliver

“Dear Kelle, I was straightening out some of my office things when I came across something I had done in my last class I had with you. It was a collage you had each of us create from magzine clippings on how we see ourselves through reaching our goals in the future. The most amazing thing I noticed as I was looking at it was each of the goals that I had set for myself on the collage had happened.

The collage showed me making ‘lots of money’ selling real estate, living on Cape Cod, sitting on the beach, golfing at an ocean front course, buying jewelry for my wife, catching a big fish, and buying my new Suzuki 4 strokeboard motor for my boat. Well, my wife and I now live full time on the Cape in a home we own free and clear, I make ‘lots of money’ selling real estate, we beach all the time, I have a golf membership at a course that has a view of the ocean from every hole, my wife has her jewelry and just put a brand new 200 Suzuki 4 stroke outboard motor on my boat that I paid cash for.

Your class helped me grow professionally and personally and and I didn’t realize the effect your classes had on me until I found my collage and saw my accomplishments. From the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU!”



Kathy Divis

“Your systems are the like the ones I’m trying to implement but YOU HAVE THEM COMPLETE. [Your service was] Great.  Love the follow-up.


India Martin 

“I am a new real estate agent. I recently purchased products to market my business from Sparta Success Systems. I was so pleased with the FSBO Postcard Programthat I ordered The New Agents Survival Guide to Real Estate [Now The Procedure Manual For Agents]. After visiting Kelle’s store, I noticed I could order The Agent Power Pack which would save me money on the products I wanted to purchase. I sent an e-mail asking if I could apply the money I already spent on products toward the purchase price of The Agent Power Pack and was very pleased to recieve the products at the special price. I would recommend doing business with Sparta Success Systems. Her products are top notch and you cant beat the prompt, curteous and reliable customer service. Thank you so much Kelle!

P.S.: Kelle’s new book The Consultative Real Estate Agent is a must read!”



John & Kathy Albee

I found your store by googling- and yes the store is great. We have been in real estate 34 years and still love it and are always looking for new things- and your offerings are so professional looking we can not wait to get started. – Kathy Albee 


Denise Russo 

“I am very happy to share some thoughts regarding Kelle Sparta, as a trainer, leader, professional and person. I have had the good-fortune and pleasure of knowing Kelle as my ‘new agent trainer’ … I can truly say that not only have I not been disappointed by her, but I also know that Kelle has been crucial to the success that I have already seen in my new career. Kelle is a very dynamic and effective speaker and trainer. She is very informative and has a very strong command and knowledge of the real estate sector and people in general. Her effectiveness is further reinforced and supported by her honesty, sensitivity, perceptiveness and insightfulness towards people and the challenges of life. Kelle is an extremely very fast thinker, caring person and teacher; and has extremely commendable work ethic. Kelle is always looking at what more she can do for other and not at what she doesn’t need to do. You will get more than your times worth out of Kelle.” 


 Becky Washam

“I purchased the book The Consultative Real Estate Agent at Barnes and Noble. I truly enjoyed the book!  I have recommended it to several agents who I know went out and purchased the book themselves. 

I am a successful agent in my company and find it hard to find any books on the market that I can truly pull some gems out of.  The Consultative Real Estate Agentreally has those gems!  I am excited to receive the systems product [The Procedure Manual For Agents] and hope to see similar books in the future, maybe a book specifically on taking care of past clients, with more in-depth ideas. 

[Regarding The Procedure Manual For Agents] I was very impressed with the detail since I am not a detail-oriented person.  I just hired an assistant that will be starting soon, and am looking forward to getting my business more organized. I really liked the sample pages for the systems product.  I probably would not have spent the money without having the opportunity to see how good the product actually was. “



Carolyn Johnson 

Kelle’s coaching is helping me immensely in finding a balance between being the top producer in the office and maintaining a personal life and sanity! She has an uncanny ability to immediately determine the issues and provide practical and helpful solutions, philosophies, tips and techniques. I find myself thinking, when something arises, “What would Kelle do or say?” Kelle’s coaching is helping me ensure a productive long-term career in real estate and providing endless opportunities for personal growth. Thanks Kelle! 



Belinda Arroyo

“Kelle, I absolutely love your classes. They are informative, practical and motivational. Thank you so much.”


Maria Albano

“(Into GREAT – Success Training for New Agents) makes what could be really boring material fun and exciting.”



Dee Kresco

“I previously worked for another real estate (company) 15 years ago. I left because of the negativity about the real estate profession…. (this class) helped me tremendously in being pro- active and motivated.”


Isaac Arbouet

“After completing your new agent training, I was not only able to understand the real estate business, but I was also the highest producing new agent in the office after just six months! I don’t know where I would have been without (it).”



Deborah Neumann

“Provides the perfect formula of knowledge, motivation, and entertainment for a better understanding of a potentially overwhelming new career in real estate.”


Ludwig Pulaski

The Procedures Manual for Agents is the best system I have ever seen in over 10 years in the real estate industry. I’ve put it in place for my entire company, new and experienced agents alike. All of my agents are producing well as a result of this program. Thanks, Kelle!”



Barbara Bourdon

“I highly recommend this class (Into GREAT – Success Training For New Agents) to All Agents whether you are a rookie or a seasoned professional in the business for years. This is the self-improvement, motivational course for real estate agents. I have seen none other like this course and Kelle Sparta speaks with honesty and tells it through her many years of experience.”


Stephen Labuda

“Kelle’s has the ability to reach inside of a person and make them focus on their future, avoid today’s distractions and achieve things during each step of the process.”


Ken Kayes

“Thanks, Kelle. Your package [The First Time Homebuyers Seminar] is awesome!”


Nina Udwin

“Kelle has put a great deal of work and thought into her coaching program. I have seen my business change during this year from haphazard, at best, to thoroughly organized. As a direct consequence of her coaching techniques, my business and confidence have grown in leaps and bounds! I cannot recommend Kelle strongly enough to anyone who wants to grow and strengthen their own businesses.”


Diana DiGirolamo

UPDATE! Diana was named Rookie of the Year for all of GMAC National!

Congratulations, Diana! 

“This class (Into GREAT – Success Training For New Agents) was extremely helpful.

I am leaving this class with confidence that I will do a great job. I feel that this class has given me the edge that other agents do not have.”


Julie Tonkonogy

Julie was named Rookie of the Year after taking new agent training with Kelle. Congratulations, Julie!

“(What I liked most was) the enthusiasm Kelle brought to every part she taught – Great, Applicable, Motivating information.”


Carolyn Stiffler

I have reviewed the listing presentation book CD and I am sure I can use some good ideas. I am excited to put them in place. I will be considering other products in the future. Thanks again.”

Marla Medlock

Regarding the Into GREAT – Success Training for New Agents program

“I thought the course was very informative. It gave lots of tools and examples that will help me with my career. I thought it did a great job of covering every area of Real Estate. Definitely worth the time and money.”

Monserrate Felicier

“I want to thank you Kelle for your, “Consultative Real Estate Agent” book.

I read through most of it and enjoyed it and recommended it to others. I got a listing and after all was great. The sellors daughter tells Mom to pull the listing. Well, because of your book I knew I was dealing with someone that needed their hand held and I needed to do more…thank you. Your book made the difference in me not losing my temper and future possible referral with this family…. Thanks again.”

Robert Teague  “Truly enjoyed your teleconference with Carol at Recruiting Pipeline today. Your interview today was excellent.” 

Cristina Parisi

“I met Kelle at the NAR Expo last year and was so impressed with her program I asked if she would write a book for us. She offers a lot of excellent advice and a proven program for success.”

Randy Stabile “The training and accountability program that you have initiated are outstanding. Thank you also for your guidance and leadership. I have greatly enjoyed working with you.”
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